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Custom Designed Vinyl Wraps for Almost Any Vehicle in Orange County!

 Jul 05, 2017

Golf Cart Vinyl Wraps in Orange County CA

When the management team of Diversified Asphalt contacted us, its representative wanted more information about our custom designed vinyl wraps in Orange County. Located at 1227 North Olive Street in Anaheim, the company is in the business of asphalt coating and sealing. At this time, Diversified Asphalt operates a fleet of 17 trucks, 35 tanks, and one Cushman. It was for this vehicle that the team needed a wrap.

Customizing Vinyl Wraps for Almost any Vehicle in Orange County

Custom designed vinyl wraps for golf carts in Orange County CA

Our graphic designer came up with a winning wrap!

The Cushman looks like an oversized golf cart with a cargo area. Its sides and rear feature diamond plated surfaces. This detail gives the vehicles a commercial look that fits in perfectly with the industrial uses these products experience. Of course, from a vehicle wrap perspective, the diamond plate is a difficult substrate to work with. It is the kind of setup that causes other sign shops to reject a job. Did it stop us? No way!

Unusual Vinyl Wraps for Vehicles in Orange County CA

The wrap shows their logo and corporate colors!

Because we are 3M preferred installers, our technicians and graphic artists have the know-how and hands-on experience with the latest products and techniques. For this job, we worked with the new 3M ultra conformable cast vinyl called 480Mc. Its amazing properties include stretching abilities of up to 150 percent, which compares favorably to other cast vinyl’s 130 percent. Suitable for long-term applications, it is a perfect fit for fleet vehicles that feature recesses and grooves. Moreover, its non-PVC and phthalate-free manufacture makes it ideal for the business that keeps environmental friendliness in mind.

Putting Together a Great Design

3M Preferred Vinyl Wrap Installers in Orange County CA

Vibrant and above all, custom!

Our graphic artists collaborated with Diversified Asphalt’s team to put together the design that features the business’ logo as well as bits and pieces reminding of blacktop. Some curvatures and colorful lines add visual interest to the sides, front, and back. They make the Cushman stand out in all the right ways while remaining true to the business’ brand message.

Do You Need Custom Designed Vinyl Wraps in Orange County?

Custom Wraps for Industrial Carts in Orange County CA

Vinyl wraps get this industrial cart noticed!

We have yet to meet the vehicle that would cause us to turn down a job. Whether you have a scooter, golf cart, box truck, bus, or anything in between, if you can drive it, there is a good chance that we can wrap it. Our clients typically choose from one of three graphics setups.

  1. Full wrap. The full wrap covers every square inch of the vehicle’s exterior surface except windows. It follows the contours and almost looks like a paint job. Because it covers so much space, our clients prefer the full wrap for its versatility.
  2. Partial wrap. Partial wrap products may cover 25 percent, 50 percent, or 75 percent of the vehicle. You choose the portions that need coverage. For some, the images on a hood or the doors matter the most. For others, it is the combination of graphics and colors on the back and hood.
  3. Graphics and lettering package. Choose a niche-specific image that you feature with lettering to present your company’s name. Some business owners want a logo while others opt for a graphic featuring a product or service.

In fact, give us a call today! We help you to put together the ideal wrap product for your vehicle!

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