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Foam Letter Building Signs in Orange County – Fabrication, Removal, and Installation!

 Jun 22, 2017

Building Sign removal, fabrication and installation in Orange County CA

Located at 11799 Jersey Boulevard in Rancho Cucamonga, Excel Packaging supplies commercial customers with packaging equipment and associated products. Whether you need strapping machines, vacuum sealers, or clamshell sealers, this company has the goods. When the business moved to its current location, its management team contacted our experts to handle the removal of old building signage and the design, fabrication, and installation of new foam letter building signs in Orange County, CA.

Preparing a Building’s Façade for a New Sign

Building Sign Removal and Installations in Orange County CA

Taking down the old sign!

Building Sign Removals with our Aerial Bucket Van

Easy removal with our aerial bucket van!

Before we could begin the process of the new signage setup, we worked on the building’s façade. After we had visited our client’s location, we noticed that the previous tenant had left behind a foam letter sign. Our technicians used the shop’s aerial bucket van to get close to the façade, remove the foam, and scrape off the adhesive that remained in place. The experts then took a paint chip from the building’s front and had the local Home Depot mix a perfect color match. After painting the façade, we focused on the new signage setup.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing a New Foam Letter Sign with Logo Portion

New Building Sign Installations in Orange County CA

Prepping the building for the new sign!

3D Letter Building Sign Installations in Orange County CA

Installing the new 3D Letter sign!

Our graphic artists worked closely with the client to put together a design that matches the image the consumer sees on the business’ website. Once the customer was happy with the look and spacing, we manufactured the product by using two-inch-thick sign foam with an outdoor rating. Doing so ensures that the material withstands the sun and occasional rain. We added a painted metal face for the color combination to shine. To make sure that the logo portion would look perfect, we manufactured it in two pieces that we connected at the seams during the installation process. This step was a snap with our aerial bucket van.

Working with Experienced Signage Professionals Saves You Time and Money

3D Letter Foam Building Signs in Orange County CA

A new look begins!

As you can see, we operate a one-stop shop. You do not have to deal with subcontractors or dubious installation methods. Because we own our equipment, we can ensure that our work crew shows up at your venue when it is convenient for you. Moreover, you do not pay for another work crew. Your contract with our sign shop encompasses the design of a new marker, its manufacture, the installation, and whatever it takes to prepare the surface to be ready.

Where to find building sign installation in Orange County CA

Do you need building sign removal and installation?

Of course, this setup also saves you time. You do not have to wait around for professionals to show up or try to clear schedules with various groups of contractors. One call gets you all set up. This level of customer service makes the most sense when you simply do not have the time to deal with various crews but want to call one shop only – as opposed to two or three – to get a status report on your project.

Do You Need Foam Letter Building Signs in Orange County, CA?

Whether you are upgrading your current sign or removing one that a previous tenant left behind, we can help. Our experts handle all signage removal needs and prepare the surface to be in pristine condition for the next product. When you are ready to add a foam letter building sign to your company’s façade, contact our experts to find out more!

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