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Custom Designed Restaurant Wall Murals and Graphics Impress Orange County Customers!

 Feb 21, 2017
Restaurant wall graphics and murals in Orange County CA

Wall murals great for soffit areas!

Citrus Freeze will offer frozen lemonade and orange juice to thirsty patrons at the Indian Wells property. Frequent readers of our blog know that we have been doing quite a bit of work there to ready the incoming Stadium 1 dining experience. Just like with the other businesses we assisted, this one, too, needed restaurant wall murals and graphics in Orange County, CA.

Wall Murals for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Vibrant imagery shows off your menu!

For this setting, we put together citrus-themed wall murals that take up the left and right sides of the space. They add definition to the location and send a strong brand message. By continuing the look along the soffit with a wrap, the ordering area focal point positions the customer perfectly when approaching the clerk.

Wall wraps and graphics for juice bars in Orange County CA

Installing the murals!

Another member of the new Indian Wells experience will be Golden Road Brewing. This business is a local institution for craft beers, burgers, and assorted snacks. The annual beer release calendar is a hotly awaited news item among aficionados. For this company, we treated its space with wall murals that feature iconic images the business uses at its location. Lettering overrides the graphics that appear to fade into the background. Combined with the blonde wood of the setting and its faux brick back wall, this eatery’s space is perfectly welcoming to hungry and thirsty guests.

Why do the restaurants that participate in this project (and others) rely on wall wraps for creating the atmosphere in their areas?

Wall Wraps for Eateries in Orange County CA

Change the look of your restaurant in a snap!

  • Suitable for any space. No matter how large or small your location’s interior may be, wall wraps suit any setup. They turn otherwise boring larger walls into landscapes, engaging street scenes, or eye-catching nature trails. Smaller settings receive a perfectly designed display that draws the eye up and gives the impression of space by way of adding false windows and openings into other rooms. In fact, the latter is one of the many reasons why companies doing business out of smaller offices like to discuss wall wraps with us.
  • Customizable. There is no shortage of customization options. You do not have to stick with a setup that does not work for you. Choose your own images or artwork, select from a large library of stock photos, or work with our visual artists to create your look from scratch. We incorporate your colors, select a textured substrate as needed, and provide ways to do away with dust-catching ornaments and decorations. This level of customization makes brand building easy.
  • Inexpensive. When compared to the cost charged by mural painters and interior decorators, the expense associated with a wall wrap is downright cheap. But the finished product does not look it. In fact, murals, wall graphics, lettering, and similar décor give your setting the appearance of sophistication and designer treatments. Whether you are just opening up, have been in business for a while, or are thinking of undertaking a rebranding effort, you cannot go wrong with wall graphics that express your overall ambiance.
Where to buy wall graphics in Orange County CA

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