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Custom 3D Lobby Signs for Businesses in Orange County!

 Dec 07, 2016

Located in the city of Anaheim at 712 North Valley Street in Suite K, Guardian Workforce is your go-to solution for staffing issues that need an immediate resolution. When the business’ management team contacted our full-service sign shop, its representative asked for input on custom 3D lobby signs for businesses in Orange County, CA. After meeting with the client, we put together a look that impresses.

Custom 3D Logo Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Add your logo to your lobby sign!

Because the customer wanted a large sign, we suggested PVC, which is a budget-friendly material that allows for a depth of a half-inch. Opting for a dimensional letter setup, we custom-cut the individual elements out of the material. We painted the PVC and clad the fronts of the letters with brushed metal laminates. The logo presents as a lion’s head with orange tones; we painted the material and carefully assembled the individual pieces to create the illusion of the big cat. Now, Guardian Workforce successfully brands its service while making an excellent first impression on business leaders and job applicants alike.

Why Opt for a Three-dimensional Lobby Sign?

Three dimensional letter lobby signs in Orange County CA

Attractive and memorable for brand building!

There is nothing wrong with the tried and true lobby logo boards. Plenty of clients like to use transparent acrylic that we then imprint with their companies’ information. But a growing number of customers are asking for dimensional letters. And these letters are to stand out – figuratively and literally – when placed on the wall. Why?

  • Pizzazz. A 3D design is visually exciting. It gives a boost to a setting’s overall appearance. Because there is the characteristic of being more “in your face” than you would experience with a flat logo board, business owners in need of style and a little something extra to perk up an office space do well with these products.
  • Budget. We typically suggest the use of sign foam or PVC for 3D lobby signs. Doing so makes sense because it allows us to reach depths from about one-half inch to roughly three inches. At the same time, these materials are lightweight, which makes them ideal for oversized presentation. Clients also love these substances because they are easy on the wallet.
  • Branding. Nothing draws the eye to your brand message more successfully than a 3D lobby sign that features your corporate color palette. In the process, you underscore the branding that connects the company to the customer on a value-sharing level. We highly recommend playing around with varying depths and display locations to make the most of this communication. In fact, some of our clients like it so much that they place a slightly smaller but otherwise identical marker inside a conference or break room.
3D Logo Letter Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Ready to order your custom lobby sign?

How to Order Custom 3D Lobby Signs for Businesses in Orange County, CA

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your lobby signage needs. These experts transform your mental image into a tangible reality. Whether you need a large lobby sign that impresses or want a signage suite that takes its inspiration from an already existing lobby marker product, we can help. Call us today to get started on the design process!

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