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Van Graphics Add Professional Look to Orange County Environmental Company!

 Dec 05, 2016

Loyal readers of our blog know that we frequently have clients return to us for additional work on their signage products. Case in point is Precept Environmental, Inc. A while ago, we worked with representatives from the company to put together a detailed aluminum lobby sign for the corporate headquarters in Lake Forest. Because of the logo’s intricacy, our technicians used custom laser cutting to ensure the perfect representation of the symbol’s design.

Van Graphics and Decals in Orange County CA

Brand, advertise and market with van graphics!

Fast forward to this month, and we received a call from the friendly folks at Precept to discuss the installation of Ford Transit Connect van graphics. In Orange County, CA, mobile marketing is a necessity to become and remain competitive. More and more companies opt for this advertising tool to information customers and draw attention to their niche services.

After meeting with our clients, we printed the highly detailed globe graphic that makes the business’ logo stand out anywhere. We added gradient color changes that take the tones from black to blue. A niche explanation, services menu, and contact information round out the company’s name and logo presentation on the van. This vehicle now advertises the business with an eye-catching graphics and lettering combination.

Vehicle Decals and Lettering in Orange County CA

Vinyl lettering allows you to show a menu list of your products or services!

The Advantage of Gradient Color Change Displays

When consumers now see the business’ van on the road, the logo presentation is sure to catch their eyes. Also vying for attention is the gradient color change of a style element we added. On the company’s website, you see the detailed display that ties in with the logo’s presentation and color arrangement. But there is more than good looks that make this design stand out.

Vehicle Graphics for Ford Transit Connect Vans in Orange County CA

Decals, graphics and lettering make this Ford Transit Connect noticeable!

  • Unusual. Not that many companies are currently using style elements with gradient color changes. If you decide to incorporate this setup with your display, you are sure to stand out.
  • Attractive. There is something satisfying for the eye when a color gradually lightens or darkens and then turns into a different hue. It appears as a logical progression, which makes sense to the eye, and therefore pleases the customer’s sense of aesthetics. This feeling leaves a positive impression with folks seeing the graphic.
  • Excellent color tie-in. Introduce additional colors or tie together a color-rich wrap or graphics package with a gradient color change style element. Even if you do not have this type of look on your website, we can still create one for your vehicle image package.

How to Order Van Graphics for Environmental Companies in Orange County, CA

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Advertise on all sides of your van!

When you are ready to introduce your environmental company to a larger audience of prospective customers, contact our graphic artists to discuss the use of mobile marketing. We routinely work with businesses in your niche that are ready to enlarge their territories. By adding the vehicle graphics component to the mix of the other marketing tools you currently rely on, you succeed in building name recognition and creating brand awareness. For the company that does business in a niche field, it makes sense to introduce consumers to the presence of the enterprise as well as to the various tasks it takes on.

Contact us today to get started on the design of your graphics package.

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