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Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs Welcome Employees and Visitors to Garden Grove Facility!

 Feb 26, 2019

GKN Aerospace does business at 12242 Western Avenue. As a global engineering firm that serves a broad range of technical fields, GKN combines cutting-edge manufacturing with innovative designs. When the firm needed a custom 3D lobby logo sign in Garden Grove, CA, the management team contacted our sign shop.

Dual Lobby Sign Setup Catches the Eye of Visitors

Custom 3D Lobby Logo Signs | Garden Grove PA

3D Lobby logo signs allow for lettering and logos!

One sign is six feet wide. The other one measures 90 inches in width. Each sign consists of acrylic lettering that is one-half-inch thick. Our technicians custom-painted the lettering with the company’s corporate colors. Right underneath the name and logo, you see “Welcome to Garden Grove,” which we spelled out with quarter-inch-thick acrylic. Now, the signage features prominently against the white wall backdrop of the firm’s office.

Why Choose Acrylic for a Lobby Sign?

Because it is hard plastic, it does not shatter as easily as glass. Similarly, you might use this material for a logo board or dimensional letters. Some business clients have done very well by combining both types of style elements for their lobby signage presentations.

Acrylic signage components start as a clear material. However, our team can paint them in the colors that you desire. Next, decide on a glossy or matte finish. If the sign displays in an area where plenty of lighting reflects off the wall, we recommend a matte finish to prevent glare.

3D Logo Lobby Signs Garden Grove CA

Ready to brand your lobby?

Another customization option is the shape of a logo board design. Although most business owners request a rectangle, you could ask us to router-cut the marker into any form you like. Examples include standard geometric shapes as well as custom outlines such as the silhouette of your logo or another corporate symbol.

Installation options vary, depending on your design specifications. Individual letters attach flush to the wall or with short standoffs. For boards, we suggest the use of corner standoffs. Most clients request rounded brushed aluminum products, but you might pick a different shape or color.

Other Material Options to Consider for a Custom 3D Lobby Logo Sign

When acrylic is not your material of choice, we recommend metal. It provides you with an elegant presentation that could encapsulate your brand message perfectly. Select stainless steel, brass, bronze, or aluminum.

For a budget-friendly alternative, there is sign foam. This material is a veritable chameleon in the sign-making business. We can paint it to look like a host of other products. Most importantly, it can look fantastic with acrylic or metal overlays. For an imposing three-dimensional look, the foam is the ideal substrate.

How to Order a Custom Lobby Sign for Your Business Today

Superior Signs and Graphics routinely works with business owners just like you to put together impressive, eye-catching markers. These install behind the reception desk, on the focal wall of the lobby, and in conference rooms. Some also select these signs to put in the individual consulting offices where staff members meet with customers.

Our graphic artist sketches out the signage presentation the way that your customers would see it as they enter your location. When you like what you see, we begin the manufacturing process. Contact us today to get started!

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