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Custom 3D Lobby Logo Adds Professional Look to Law Offices in Laguna Hills!

 Apr 22, 2019

3D Logo Lobby Signs | Law Firms | Laguna Hills CA

Located at 23461 South Pointe Drive, Talley & Talley Law, APC needed a new custom 3D lobby logo in Laguna Hills, CA. A management team representative got in contact with our firm to discuss the project.

PVC Lobby Sign Highlights the Firm’s Logo

After consulting with our client and receiving the brand specs, we began the work. We used cost-effective PVC that allows for the design of colorful three-dimensional letters and style elements. To create an impressive logo display, our technicians used a square piece of imprinted vinyl overlay.

Lobby Signs for Law Firms in Laguna Hills CA

Logo wall signs add professionalism to your firm!

Next, we spaced and mounted the style elements flush to the wall. Now, the red, black, and white features contrast well with the light gray tones of the wall color. The three-dimensional design creates a slight shadow play, which deepens the visual aesthetics of the display.

Choosing a Material for Your Custom Lobby Sign

Lobby signage should wow visitors to your space. Part of creating this experience is the design of the style elements. The other part is the selection of the material. Take a page from the playbook of Talley & Talley Law, APC, and select PVC for your signage. Of course, this is not your only option.

  • Acrylic. Initially, acrylic is a see-through material. We use it to create logo boards or 3D letters. We can leave the material clear or paint it in your corporate palette.
  • Molded plastic. For an emphasis on the fronts of the lettering, we recommend the use of molded plastic. It enables the design of prismatic faces that stand out and grip the attention of visitors to the space.
  • Metal. For a combination of chic and elegance, metal is the right option. Even here, there are choices. Cor-Ten, for example, will imbue your space with a rustic feel. In contrast, polished stainless steel impresses with style.
  • Foam. One of the most budget-friendly and impressive materials is sign foam. With depths of up to three inches, we frequently use it when clients request striking displays of letters and symbols. With the right lighting, the resulting shadows will be imposing and impressive at once.
  • Acrylic or metal laminates. When acrylic or metal is too expensive, consider having us apply them as laminates. We can use foam as a substrate. Through the careful blending of materials and colors, we can give the impression that the entire sign is made of the more expensive material.

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Law Firm Office Wall Logo Signs | Laguna Hills CA

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It is clear that lobby signage for law firms are an integral aspect of brand expression within your space. Getting it right the first time is an essential requirement of the sign shop you work with. Our experts pride themselves on translating clients’ visions into tangible signage presentations.

Begin the process by discussing your plans with our graphic artist. This expert specializes in the combination of artistic renditions, material selections, and size determinations to present you with a sketch that lets you see the lobby marker through the eyes of a visiting customer. When you like what you see, our technicians take these sketches and turn them into style elements that we can then install.

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