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Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles!

 Apr 17, 2019

Located at 1762 Westwood Boulevard in Suite 260, the Journey Law Group is famous for its lemon law services. When the firm needed a custom lobby logo sign for businesses in Los Angeles, a management team representative contacted our sign shop.

Combining the Pizzazz of Acrylic with the Elegance of Cut Vinyl

Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles

Adding your logo to your lobby sign helps you brand!

After receiving the firm’s brand specs, we began the project with the production of a rectangular acrylic panel. Few clients realize that these sheets are transparent. By preserving the high gloss appearance, we readied it for the application of die-cut vinyl graphics. These feature the law firm’s unique brand symbol and name.

Our installers mounted the signage with wall standoffs. The finished product presents with a subtle gloss that reflects the light. Similarly, it allows the name and symbol to cast a shadow against the substrate wall, which creates a visually beautiful presentation that stands out. Finally, the combination of brushed metal wall standoffs and see-through acrylic brings chic to the locale.

Lobby Logo Wall Signs for Law Firms | Los Angeles

These signs are easily mounted with standoffs!

Why Opt for Boards?

  • Consider the logo board a canvas. It allows for a unique brand presence in your lobby. Take a page from the playbook of the Journey Law Group, and combine imprinted vinyl graphics with a transparent acrylic setup. However, this is not your only option.
  • Painted acrylic. In some cases, clients ask us to paint the acrylic. It is an excellent idea when you want to incorporate another brand color into the mix. Most importantly, a dark acrylic board allows us to hide LEDs behind it, which can then lead to a halo illumination effect after mounting.
  • Acrylic and dimensional letters. Whether you select clear or painted acrylic, consider that you do not have to limit your brand display to vinyl graphics. More and more companies are now exploring three-dimensional letters. Our technicians routinely use metal, acrylic, and PVC to finish the presentation for lobby signs.
  • Metal and push-through letters. Metal boards are much rarer. That said, they are amazing works of art when they feature push-through acrylic letters. For the right brand encapsulation, they offer illumination opportunities that are showstoppers. When you really want to stand out, consider this setup.

3D Letters? We Do Those!

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs Los Angeles CA

Think of the acrylic panel as a blank canvas!

What happens when you are not a big fan of lobby logo boards? No worries! We also manufacture dimensional letters for lobby signs. They look attractive and allow us to take advantage of large, small, and unusually shaped wall spaces. Because we can manipulate the dimensional displays slightly, these letters are ideal for areas where boards would not look as good.

Standard material options include PVC, acrylic, metal, or vinyl. Some clients also commission formed plastic for prismatic facings or rounded edges. Foam is a budget-friendly solution that also boosts the 3D aspect of the signage. With depths of up to three inches, these letters are sure to stand out.

Order Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles

How could you encapsulate your brand message for the most significant visual impact? If you are not sure, work with our graphic artist. This expert helps you envision a brand presence that is sure to impress. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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