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County of Orange New Offices Get New 3-Dimensional Signs for Reception Areas in Brea, CA!

 Aug 21, 2023

We completed 3-dimensional signs for reception areas in Brea, CA. One Nine Architecture had invited us to collaborate on the signage requirements for the County of Orange, which took over the third floor of a Brea office building. This project proceeded in two phases. The first phase focused on customer-focused office signs and graphics.

reception area 3 dimensional logo wall signs in orange county, ca

Phase two involved the addition of more lobby logo wall signs with painted acrylic backers. Requesting acrylic for the reception area three-dimensional wall signs, our technicians began by cutting half-inch-thick panels into shape and painting them. Next came half-inch-thick acrylic letters, which display in contrasting colors. The effect is one of approachable elegance in a contemporary setting. 

Lobby logo signs for offices in orange county, ca

Impressing with Reception Area 3-Dimensional Logo Wall Signs

Displaying a 3D lobby sign dramatically enhances the aesthetics and branding of your space. For this client, we combined a board with dimensional letters. One of the classic options, our technicians cut dimensional shapes out of various materials, such as metal, acrylic, PVC, or Gatorfoam. In addition to placing them on a board, we can mount them directly onto the wall to create a striking 3D effect.

Besides flush-mounting an acrylic board to the wall, our team can also use standoffs to install it. Acrylic signs can be cut into various shapes and sizes, and when combined with metal standoffs, they create a sleek and contemporary 3D appearance. The product seems to “float” off the wall, adding depth and visual aesthetics.

custom designed dimensional letter logo wall signs in orange county, ca

Other Types of Custom-Designed Dimensional Letter Logo Wall Signs

  • Metal. Metal like aluminum or stainless steel can be cut into intricate shapes and designs. They can be left with a natural metal finish, painted, or backlit for added impact. Choose panels, 3D letters, or a combination of both.
  • Backlighting. Adding backlighting to your lobby sign makes it stand out even more. Our team makes backlit signs using acrylic or metal to create a dramatic and eye-catching effect.
  • Layering. Layered signs involve using multiple layers of different materials to create depth and visual interest. This technique allows for creative combinations of textures, colors, and materials.
  • Mixed media. Consider incorporating 3D elements into a larger wall mural. This could involve adding protruding elements that extend from the mural to create a multidimensional effect. It also allows you to feature your lobby sign against the backdrop of a branded image.
  • Channel letters. LED channel letters are three-dimensional letters often used for outdoor signs, but –scaled down – they also work well indoors. These letters are internally lit, creating a vibrant and attention-grabbing effect.

orange county, ca 3D office logo wall signs

When choosing 3-dimensional signs for reception areas in Brea, CA, or anywhere else in Orange County, consider your brand identity, the aesthetics of your space, your budget, and the overall impression you want to create. Collaborate with our graphic artist to put together a product that turns heads. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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