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Office Wall Décor is Easy with 3D Lobby Signs and Wall Graphics in La Mirada!

 Apr 02, 2019

3D Logo Lobby Signs | La Mirada CA

Spinitar operates its global audiovisual design firm at 16751 Knott Avenue. Since 1986, the company provides its customers with customized communication solutions as well as support services. When the business needed 3D lobby signs and wall graphics for its office space, a management team representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Signage Combination Creates Eye-Catching Office Presentation

Office Wall Murals | La Mirada CA

Add your value statement to your walls!

We met with the client to receive the specs for the project. We started with the three-dimensional lobby sign. Next, our technicians cut it from clear acrylic. It identifies the PSNI Global Alliance, which is an AV systems partner for Spinitar. We mounted the product with standoffs.

Finally, we worked on a wall mural that expresses the company’s value statement. It serves a dual purpose. It is decorative and dresses up the wall area. More importantly, it reinforces brand awareness with customers who visit the location as well as employees who interact with the consumer. It displays as a four-foot-tall stripe that fits in with the color of the wall background.

Boosting Brand Awareness Building inside Your Venue

3D Lobby Logo Wall Signs | La Mirada CA

Brand with 3D Lobby logo signs!

You want the customer to feel good about the decision to do business with you. One way of achieving this goal is by reinforcing brand awareness. By reminding the shopper what s/he has in common with your company’s vision, mission, and value statement, you foster a sense of brand loyalty. Therefore, the shopper will pay a little extra if it means receiving your product or service.

Inside an office or storefront, you might use several signage tools for this purpose.

  • Lobby sign. The lobby sign is, of course, by far the most visible brand-building tool within any setting. It features your corporate colors, persona, and tagline. Therefore, it is instrumental in getting the brand dialog going. In this way, it supports the message that your building sign sends as well.
  • Wall graphics. Wall wraps or graphics might spell our corporate values. This worked very well for Spinitar. Another option is to present your employees or company representatives at work in the community. For example, if one of your corporate values is helping the homeless, you might feature images of employees serving at local shelters. The goal is to create a cause display that your customers can get behind.
  • Banners. Banners – whether you hang them from the wall or feature them on stands – combine splashes of color with text. We recommend balancing text and graphics to create a cohesive presentation.
  • Cutouts. These graphics products are more image-focused. The product is ideal for placing in the path of the customer. Consider making it all about the brand message that you want the consumer to see first.

Choosing the Right Signage Combination for Your Location

Office Wall Graphics and Lobby Signs La Mirada CA

Ready to add pizzazz to your office?

Whether you need 3D lobby signs and wall graphics, lobby logo boards and banners, or something else altogether, we can help. Discuss your signage needs with our graphic artist. This expert will start the design process and ensure that the product meets all your requirements. Our shop will then manufacture and install the product at your convenience. Contact us today!

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