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Commercial Van Graphics Advertise for Service Businesses in Anaheim, CA!

 Nov 13, 2023

Our latest project for commercial van graphics in Anaheim, CA, brought us back to a returning client. Albert Air first contacted us in 2015 when the business needed fleet graphics for contractors in the OC. The client said that the initial set of vehicle graphics lasted so long that they had to come back when they added new vans to the fleet.

anaheim, ca cargo van graphics

New Anaheim, CA Cargo Van Graphics for Albert Air

The client had added another GMC van to the fleet. Because they had kept their corporate persona the same, our graphic artist could work with the same specs we had on file. Because we maintain a record of specs, our clients save time and money since they do not have to go through the initial design process again. 

Technicians printed the graphics on 3M cast vinyl that we laminated with a semi-gloss finish. The individual pieces were computer-cut on the plotter, which readied them for expert installation. Now, the client has another set of decals and lettering for commercial vans that will continue to advertise and brand the business, boosting its exposure to current and prospective customers. 

commercial van graphics in anaheim, ca

Advertising with Vehicle Graphics Offers Advantages for Contractors 

Did you know that car, truck, and van graphics help you promote your businesses in a mobile and effective way?:

  • Mobile advantage. Constant exposure is a significant advantage for any contractor advertising with vehicle wraps or graphics products. Because you often travel to different job sites, graphics turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. It offers exposure to a diverse audience in various locations.
  • Localized advertising. Do you typically work within specific geographic areas? Vehicle graphics target your advertising efforts locally, reaching potential customers in the neighborhoods where you operate.
  • Cost-effective marketing. Vehicle wraps and graphics are a one-time investment. Once we install the products, they are a long-term advertising tool without recurring costs. Compared to other forms of advertising, like print or online ads that require ongoing expenses, wraps or graphics offer a cost-effective solution.
  • Professional image. A vehicle with well-designed graphics enhances your professional image. It instills a sense of credibility and reliability, making potential clients more likely to trust the contractor with their projects.
  • Passive promotion. Unlike many traditional advertising methods interrupting or intruding on people’s activities, vehicle graphics are a non-intrusive way to promote your services or products. People see the information naturally as the vehicle goes about its regular routes.

Customize Your Designs Today!

decals & lettering for commercial vans in anaheim, ca

Because brand consistency is a hallmark of commercial van graphics in Anaheim, CA, and beyond, work with our graphic artist to create a look that will make your company stand out. There is no doubt that advertising with vehicle graphics offers contractors a powerful and cost-effective way to promote a business, create brand awareness, and reach your target audience. Call us today!

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