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Commercial Van Decals & Lettering for Los Angeles Engineering Firm!

 Jul 20, 2021

A few months ago, our shop assisted FJ Engineering with a brushed aluminum 3D lobby logo sign for the office. This week, we had the opportunity to work with the team again. This time, it needed commercial van decals and lettering in Los Angeles.

A Commercial City Van Gets the Brand-Building Treatment

Commercial van decals and lettering in Los Angeles

Since we already had the company’s basic specs on file, we only needed a few color additions and spacing guidelines. We integrated the company’s name and logo display with a tagline for the rear of the vehicle. Moreover, you will notice that there are online and social media connection opportunities.

We replicated the lettering for the rear side panels, where the windows would typically go. We reversed the color play from white on black to display black on white for the second panel. It is an excellent way of integrating the corporate specs as well as the van’s base color. The resulting display is chic, perfectly brands the company, and alerts passersby to the firm’s contact details.

Integrating a Vehicle’s Basic Color for an Eye-Catching Graphics Product

cargo van graphics and decals in los angeles, ca

FJ Engineering’s van is the perfect example of what it means to integrate a vehicle’s base color. Although mostly white, the vehicle has several matte black elements. By working these into the decal design, it was possible to produce a cohesive look that perfectly combines the corporate palette with the van color.

Most importantly, our specialists were able to create this display with decals and vinyl lettering. We did not even need to put together a partial wrap to design an outstanding brand-building presentation.

commercial van decals & lettering in los angeles, ca

What are the implications this has for your company car, truck, or van? For starters, we work with what is already there to design a look that is unique to your business. Secondly, playing around with colors, shades, and other style elements is a possibility that saves you quite a bit of money.

Most importantly, there is no need to buy a more expensive coverage setup when you have some eye-catching details you want to integrate. A good example is the application of reflective vinyl or the use of high-resolution photo displays that give the illusion of a three-dimensional image.

Do You Need Commercial Van Decals and Lettering for a Los Angeles Business?

ensuring van graphics are installed correctly in los angeles, ca

We want to help. For the business that already has an established look for its brand, we can work with the specs. If you still need assistance putting something together, remember that our graphic artist handles these projects in-house. Scheduling a client consultation is quick and easy.

Besides that, we know that cost is a pain point for many companies. Because we are 3M preferred installers, we have a better-than-average understanding of how the vinyl works, which product is a must-have for your project, and where there are ways to save you money without compromising the excellent look or durability of the material. This is of particular interest to fleet managers who have multiple cars, trucks, or vans they want to treat.

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