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Clear Acrylic Barriers for COVID-19 Prevention in Orange County, CA!

 Nov 03, 2020

In the past, the only cough and sneeze guards customers saw were installed in restaurants. Now, this protective barrier prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses in offices, grocery stores, clinics, and anywhere else that people interact with. Superior Signs and Graphics is at the forefront of designing, producing, and installing high-quality, clear acrylic barriers in Orange County CA.

Our Acrylic Barriers are Shatter-Resistant and Scratch-Proof

Clear Acrylic Banners for COVID-19 Prevention in Orange County CA

Sneeze guards effectively minimize the transmission of COVID-19 by preventing the tiny droplets that come from someone’s mouth or nose from making contact with someone else. In the OC, business owners are investing in these barriers for installation around cash registers, across reception area desks, and in many classrooms. You also notice them in restaurants, pharmacies, and anywhere else that customers and employees come in close contact with.

Buy Protective Barriers that are Custom Made to Order

Fabrication of Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

It is impossible to simply buy an acrylic sheet from the hardware store and somehow wedge it into place. Instead, you need a customized product that works for you and your staff members. Also, it needs to fit perfectly into the space you are setting aside.

The technicians at Superior Signs and Graphics understand that one protective barrier does not fit into every venue. Therefore, we fully customize the acrylic products we produce.

COVID-19 Clear Acrylic Shields in Orange County CA

  • Three thicknesses. We assist our clients with three different thicknesses, depending on how and where you intend to mount the product. The thicknesses we now offer are 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4”. Doing so allows us to create barriers that withstand long-term, heavy use as well as repeated cleanings.
  • Multiple design choices. Tabletop acrylic barriers are among the most popular products that our clients ask for. Our team can manufacture them with feet and pass-through slots at the base. These are ideal for service desks, classrooms, and anywhere else that money and documents change hands. By the way, we can also construct hanging models that we mount from ceilings with airplane cables.
  • Fast turnaround. Because we produce sneeze guard barriers in-house, we can fill your order quickly. Our CNC router ensures speedy turnaround times and eliminates the need for outsourcing.

How to Buy Clear Acrylic Barriers in Orange County, CA

Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards in Anaheim | Fullerton | Irvine CA

Our sign shop is fully staffed and ready to take your orders. If you already have measurements and design specifications, we will follow them. That said, our graphic artist can assist you with designing one or more barriers that will be suitable for a wide variety of uses in your space.

Some clients have also asked us to include frosted and etched vinyl designs, lettering, and logo depictions. These can be excellent branding tools that also welcome the customer and make them feel comfortable. If you have changed how customers wait in line, we recommend adding lettering to the guard and an arrow graphic that assist with wayfinding.

X-Shaped Table Top Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Superior Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County. Call (714) 248-5901 or email us at info@superiorsignsandgraphics.com today to get a free quote!

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