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Announce Your Business is Coming with Banner Signs in Orange County!

 Jun 01, 2014
Opening Soon Banners Orange County

Let locals know when the business will be opening!

What do you use when you want to let consumers know that there is a great new business getting ready to open in the neighborhood? Business announcement banner signs! For Orange County’s Pizza Press restaurant, this was just the way to go. This eatery already operates a highly successful location at 1534 South Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim. When the company added a new property by Old Town Orange, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to help with getting the word out.

We created two huge banners that feature the telltale typeset you notice when visiting the Pizza Press’ website. These are indoor banners we hung inside the large windows. The message markets the name of the restaurant, the “vibe” that makes it so successful and the fact that the eatery will open in the fall of this year. Are they thinking ahead? You bet! Yet it is this combination of highly visible signage and a long lead time that will whet consumers’ appetites for what is to come.

Grand opening banners Orange County

Great for grand opening day too!

Opening soon banner signs for Orange County locations can also work for your business. While the window setup is an ingenious method of using large glass panes to the fullest advantage possible, you do have other material and display options as well.

  • Mesh. Mesh banners are excellent for long-term outdoor use. You frequently see this material at festivals because the wind easily passes through the mesh, which prevents any accidents with falling markers or dragging poles. Use the mesh to hang between light poles in a parking lot or between sidewalk poles and hooks in your façade. If you are worried about high wind, this is an excellent banner selection.
  • Double-sided. Let everyone – and we mean everyone – know about your company’s new opening date. By hanging this type of banner between poles, you ensure that pedestrians and motorists from both directions will see your marker. Matte vinyl makes your full-color display easy to make out. Grommets allow for quick installation. If you are planning on expanding your business, this is a good choice since the average double-sided vinyl banner lasts about five years and will come in handy for the next few locations as well.
  • Indoor-mounted banners. These signs perfectly complement an exterior or window marker setup. Using a six-color printing process, we display your message in the most vivid manner. This is a highly effective way of marketing your products. For example, when you are advertising that your business will make the best cheese sandwiches in town, simply hang these banners inside with high-quality photos of the finished products on display. Folks who come closer to the building because of your exterior signage now learn a little bit more about your products simply by the signs that you have hung inside – easily visible from the windows.
New business banners Orange County

Ask us about window banners!

Hanging banners is easy to do. For the inside, there are banner stands, suction cups for the windows or grid hangers and hooks. For the outside, rely on grommets and zip ties for a secure display. When you are ready to take a page from the playbook of the Pizza Press restaurant, talk to our friendly signage experts. We can get you started quickly!

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