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Change Your Vehicle Wraps and Graphics As Your Marketing Changes

 Jun 10, 2015

Every once in a while, you need to change your vehicle wrap design. In Orange County, this is exactly what happened with Light Up My Holiday. Loyal readers of our blog remember this company and the vehicle graphics that we designed, manufactured and installed for the Christmas lighting service. To say that this company is successful would be an understatement. In fact, business has been so good that the company is now expanding to include lighting services for corporate events, parties and weddings.

Change Your Focus, Change Your Graphics

Market your business with vehicle graphics

Your vehicle is a great canvas to display your marketing message!

As a result, we got another call for help. The company’s change in focus has resulted in the need for an updated vehicle wrap that reflects the new marketing and branding messages. Since we initially used high-quality vinyl, removing it from the van was no problem. We used an Avery Supercast wrap vinyl for the new product. Treated with a gloss laminate, we contour-cut the printed graphics out of the material. The white base color of the van made for an excellent backdrop, which saves the business quite a bit of money.

Van graphics Orange County

Their old van graphis were all about one holiday…

Now, the van features an orange backdrop and displays the company’s name and logo as well as contact information. The Christmas lighting service is now one option on the menu. The new wrap looks sleek, modern and does an excellent job at introducing a company that handles all types of lighting projects without exclusively focusing on Christmas. Since more and more Southern California homeowners and corporate building managers like the idea of including alternative lighting sources for dusk to dawn displays, this company is positioning itself to be a leader in the niche.

Vehicle graphics for lighting companies in Orange County

…Now displays additional lighting services they offer!

Do You Need to Replace Vehicle Wraps in Orange County?

The professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics routinely work with business clients whose company focuses have changed. Whether it is the introduction of a new service, a complete switch of a restaurant menu or a shift in product focus, signage must reflect these changes. Vehicle graphics and wraps are parts of this change. Our technicians gladly meet with your management team to evaluate the wrap or graphics setup.

Vehicle wraps replacement Orange County

We’ll design new graphics and replace them with the old!

In some cases, we can salvage some of the look and simply update it. In other cases, we need to do a total overhaul. Nevertheless, even here it is possible to save you money. As we did for Light Up My Holiday, we can use your vehicle’s base color and incorporate it into the wrap design. This is an excellent money-saving decision. A partial wrap is another option. Selecting a targeted lettering and graphics combination is a third option that allows you to show off your changed focus and appeal to consumers.

Van wraps and graphics Orange County

“Light” up your message with van wraps!

Start Your Order Today!

Talk to our professional wrap technicians today. We look at your vehicle and its current graphics setup. Next, we give you an estimate on the various graphics products that would make your business stand out and broadcast your current branding and marketing messages. We work with the artwork you have or help you with the design of something that uniquely suits the change of your message. Call us today to get started!

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