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Cerritos, CA Packaging Company Rebranded and Needed a Great Sign Company to Replace Building and Monument Signs!

 Jul 11, 2022

Insiders know that triPAQ deals in corrugated sheets of packaging. Recently, New-Indy Containerboard acquired triPAQ, which meant that the facility at 16069 Shoemaker Avenue needed to rebrand with custom building signs in Cerritos, CA. The Superior Signs and Graphics team was happy to assist with the project. 

Custom Building Signs in Cerritos CA

New Monument and Building Sign Panels Allow for Effective Rebranding

After meeting with the client, we received the new name, logo, and color palette specs. At that time, we also determined the number of products we would upgrade. Back at the shop, our graphic artist arranged the style elements and worked with the technicians on fabricating durable signage facings that would look great and expertly identify the firm. 

new panels for monument signs

The final tally was a refacing of three signs at the Cerritos address. Technicians used 3M cast vinyl with a laminate to ensure a long life of the graphics – mainly because they are south-facing and getting the brunt of the daily sun exposure. Our shop was able to do the design, printing, and installation, which required our aerial lift van. Next up, we will do similar makeovers at the client’s Ontario and Norwalk locations. 

new building sign panels

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in Helping Companies with All Aspects of a Rebranding Project

New Indy Packaging is one of the many clients we were able to assist with a rebranding project. No matter where your business is in this process, we can help. If you need us to work with third-party vendors, we can do so as well. This is frequently the case when you are also relocating and have the trades do build-outs.

  • Logo redesign. In some cases, clients will have worked with an advertising agency to design a new logo. However, some clients ask our graphic artist to handle this aspect of the project. Let us show you the changes your logo could undergo, how we can adjust the color palette, and which font would be ideally suited to accompany it. 
  • Sign refurbishing. Another aspect of rebranding is frequently a sign refurbishing. When this is possible at your location, we will clean the existing structures, repaint them if needed, and then add new facings. This client is the perfect example of what this type of project will look like.  
  • Replacement and installation. If you have signage that does not allow for refurbishing, we can design, produce, and install new products. At that time, we uninstall and properly dispose of the signage you no longer need. After that, we mount the new signs that feature your updated brand message and corporate identity. 

custom designed monument sign panels

Working with a Full-Service Sign Shop Makes Sense

Because we can see a project through from initial inception to final installation and cleanup, it makes sense to entrust us with all or some parts of your next signage setup. Whether you need custom building signs in Cerritos, CA, are rebranding anywhere in Los Angeles, or need property management signage for an office building or apartment complex in Orange County, we can help. Call us today to learn more about your options!

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