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Zespri Kiwi Shows Off Brand with 3D Letter Logo Lobby Sign in Orange County CA!

 May 05, 2017
3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Logo wall signs have enormous branding power!

You find Zespri at 567 San Nicolas Drive in Suite 400, which is located in Newport Beach. There, the North American office of New Zealand Kiwi Holdings Inc. welcomes visitors and handles the business’ day to day operations. When this office needed one of the impressive 3D letter logo lobby signs in Orange County, CA, that are quickly becoming a must-have, the company’s management team contacted our experts.

Designing a Sign with Shadow Play in Mind

When we put together a three-dimensional signage setup, the presentation of shadow play is one of the considerations our graphic artists must factor into the design. Make a mistake here, and the sign’s overall look and feel is off. Zespri’s logo lobby sign is no exception. Our experts put together a look that perfectly imitates the appearance of the corporate logo on the company’s website.

Because we mounted the sign’s components against the backdrop of a wall that features the same hue as you see online, we ensured that each style element would feature a perfect color match. Moreover, we paid close attention to the spacing of the pieces because doing so would guarantee that none of them get lost in the shadow play of the product. We manufactured varying depths for the elements, which allows the lettering to stand out even more.

Why 3D is Getting More Popular for Office Interiors

3D Letter Logo Wall Signs in Orange County CA

Combine other branding signs to complement your wall sign!

On building facades, 3D letters – sometimes in the form of channel letter signs – are already quite popular. Because they stand out so much from the flat wall, they cannot help but catch the eyes of passersby. In so doing, they effectively communicate brand messages and assist with wayfinding as well. More and more business owners now decide to bring this level of visual interest inside.

Traditional materials to select include acrylic, PVC, foam, metal, and wood. Some clients also ask for more unusual products such as glass or stone. We focus on getting the nuances of the design just right. Doing so includes the presentation of style elements in various depths and sizes for the same sign. Unless you already have a corporate office sign measurement setup in place, we gauge the details by looking at the online display of your logo.

Logo Wall Signs in Orange County CA

Ready to put your logo on the wall?

By the way, did you know that you could further emphasize the effects of your lobby brand message with secondary signage products? Underscore the 3D nature of the product with vinyl wall graphics or opt to repeat the logo with retractable banners, tabletop displays, and similar signs. Another excellent option is the use of the logo as a vinyl overlay for acrylic ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage.

Ordering 3D Letter Logo Wall Signs in Orange County, CA

Does the vibrancy of Zespri’s lobby sign inspire you to rethink your current reception area marker? If your setup has gotten tired and simply no longer presents the pizzazz that your brand should be known for, it is time for a change. Contact us today to learn more about your options, and find out how our graphic artists can make your lobby sign pop!

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