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Box Truck Vinyl Graphics Help Brand New Addition to Contents Pack-Out Company’s Fleet in Buena Park!

 Nov 02, 2017

Delivery Box Truck Graphics in Orange County

Exclusively Contents is a repeat client. Previously, we helped this business with fleet automobile graphics for its Chevy Volt cars. But when the company added a new truck to its lineup, a representative contacted us to treat it with box truck vinyl graphics in Orange County, CA.

Adding a Truck to a Fleet of Vehicles

Delivery Box Truck Vinyl Graphics Orange County CA

Huge graphics on your box truck will get noticed!

Because we already had the color specs and graphics on file, it was a snap to convert them into truck graphics. All we had to do was adjust the sizing and setup. We put together a look that places the logo at the top of the display with the company’s name and tagline following. Next, we added the phone number and website address. We repeated the logo on the side doors. The back also features the same presentation, adjusted for size. This box truck fits in perfectly with the other vehicles Exclusively Contents uses in the course of doing business. It now serves the function of advertising the company and branding the firm.

Identifying Your Business with Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl Graphics for Box Trucks in Orange County

Sell your message from all sides!

Orange County businesses recognize that the use of vehicle graphics is an excellent method for building credibility. Consumers have come to expect reputable companies, particularly those in the contracting trade, to advertise in this manner. Doing so makes it possible to achieve three distinct goals.

  • Reinforce brand awareness. When prospective customers see your information frequently, they are more likely to be aware of your brand. Fleet vehicles offer you an advantage in this respect. It is possible for one consumer to see your message multiple times a day as you go about your business in the service territory.
  • Differentiate a brand message. What do you do that is different from what your competitors do? Outline these details on your vehicles. Do so via a menu of services or with a tagline.
  • Strengthen product knowledge. Do prospective customers know what you do? Even if your name offers plenty of clues, it does not hurt for you to outline some details. In some cases, all you need to disclose is whether you serve commercial or residential consumers.

Finding a Look that Encapsulates Your Brand Message

Fleet Truck Graphics Orange County CA

We offer fleet graphics programs!

Branding with full or partial wraps, graphics and lettering packages, or any other type of image can be highly effective. But it pays to work with a graphic artist to put together an appearance that perfectly communicates your brand. Make a mistake here, and you may find that prospective customers have a difficult time connecting with your message. Our experts gladly work with you to put together a presentation that incorporates your colors, fonts, and chosen symbols. When needed, we also help you select the right types of niche images.

Buying Box Truck Vinyl Graphics in Orange County, CA, Today

Do not let your vehicles drive around town without advertising and branding your company. It is vital that your cars, trucks, or vans underscore your messages. More importantly, they should make it easy for customers to connect with you. Call us today to find out how to accomplish exactly that!

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