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Dimensional Letter Sign for Real Estate Broker in Newport Beach Completes Building Facade!

 Oct 30, 2017

Dimensional Letter Building Signs | Newport Beach CA

Located at 506 West Balboa Boulevard in Suite A, the Ballast Group used to do business as Associated Realty Service of Newport Beach. The experts specialize in full-service real estate sales and also help with asset management. But the name change did not display immediately on the building’s exterior. After the landlord signaled approval for a signage change, the team contacted our experts to discuss the design of dimensional letter building signs in Newport Beach, CA.

Dimensional Letters Brand a Business’ New Look

3D Letter Building Signs Orange County CA

A look at their old sign

We consulted with the client and conducted a site survey. We noticed that there are façade lights in place, which would make dimensional letters ideal. Moreover, because the façade consists of red brick, the use of black paint would result in a superb contrast. Our technicians created one-inch-thick acrylic letters that we painted in a black satin tone. We mounted them to the wall with studs. The compass of the logo portion features ample detail work, which draws the eye. As part of the installation process, we removed the old board sign along with the shingle that the professionals had used before.

Updating Exterior Signage Quickly is a Crucial Aspect of Brand Recognition

3D Letter Building Sign installation Orange County

We used our aerial bucket van for the install!

Re-branding is a common practice. As leading participants in a business change, so does the brand identity of the company. For others, it is a change of direction that may include a different emphasis in the niche or a change of fields altogether. Because it is far more difficult to advertise a change in direction under an old signage setup than it is to make a brand update, plenty of companies opt for an adjustment of names, brand colors, fonts, and other symbols.

Changing your signs is vital. Typically, our clients adopt an outside to inside approach.

Vehicle graphics. Because your vehicle graphics are among the most visible advertisements around town, our clients typically start their signage re-branding there. They may present both logos or color schemes alongside one another for a limited time to help consumers make the switch.

Window graphics. Change the colors of your graphics, font displays, and similar style elements. It is always a good idea to keep an older logo graphic in place for a short time to advertise the re-branding.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Orange County CA

Rebranding? We can help with your building sign!

Building signs. Make wayfinding and brand recognition easy for your customers. While window graphics provide the side-by-side of the old and new name or logo, the building sign should only feature the latest information.

Lobby sign. One of the last signs to switch out is the reception area marker. Because it sets the tone for interior signage, we recommend tackling it first rather than changing out other products inside.

Office or store signage. These types of signs include floor graphics, cutouts, flags, banners, and other temporary signs that advertise the name change, re-branding effort, or switch in the business’ direction. Use these supporting signs to outline the various services and products you provide.

By the way, it is possible to reverse the signage process and do it from the inside out. It mostly depends on your taste and the speed with which you want to proceed.

Find out more about dimensional letter building signs in Newport Beach, CA, as well as about the best practices for changing your signage after re-branding, by contacting our experts.

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