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Progressive Community & Vocational Services Refurbishes Monument Sign!

 Nov 11, 2014

You know Progressive Community and Vocational Services to be the locale where those with developmental disabilities have a partner when it comes to enhancing their potentials. Families appreciate the dignity with which their loved ones are treated. Moreover, what really makes this organization stand out is the refusal to treat cases with a cookie cutter approach. Understanding that each individual is different, which in turn makes every case unique, the service center creates individualized daily living plans and skill enhancement schedules.

The Importance of a Professional Monument Sign

Monument Signs Orange County

This monument sign was easily refurbished!

When Progressive Community and Vocational Services opened their doors for a new location in Orange, Superior Signs and Graphics got a call. There was a monument sign on the premises, but it featured a banner with other information. The organization wanted the sign to reflect its new presence at this location. At first, the customer figured that a new banner would work out just fine. We visited for a site survey, looked closely at the marker and realized that it was actually in excellent condition underneath the banner.

If there is one type of marker that is not optional, it would be monument signs. Orange County businesses and organizations know that consumers have become accustomed to look for them while driving up to their locations. Thus, when we realized the sign still had plenty of useful life in it, we suggested a re-facing rather than a banner addition. The result is a sleek marker that looks like it just came from the factory. It is professional, features the organization’s name and logo, and also displays the motto.

This is one of the reasons why site surveys are so crucial in our business. Whenever a customer is working with already existing markers, we like to come out and closely examine the available exterior signs. Orange County businesses are frequently surprised to find out that their markers are actually in pretty good shape and just need some refurbishing. This is almost always cheaper than commissioning a new sign. Moreover, it looks great since the already existing signage has been fit into the landscape.

Let Us Help with Your Exterior Signage!

Need monument sign repairs in Orange County

Ask us about monument sign repairs!

Are you still in need of vocational school exterior signs? Orange County groups that provide this invaluable service to the community know that wayfinding, marketing and branding are best done with markers on the outside of the building. This helps to build a first impression that raises the expectations of potential clients. Fulfilling them is done inside with the help of staff members. It also puts the would-be client in the mood for learning more about the school or organization. As a result, your representatives have an easier time breaking the ice and connecting with the consumer.

It is amazing what a large impact your exterior signage can have. Whether you are working with a monument sign, channel letters, window decals and graphics, box cabinet or just dimensional lettering, you are making an impression. Is it a good one? Take a look at your markers through the eyes of a first-time visitor. Are the signs professional, sleek and welcoming? If you see something that is outdated and beginning to crack or fade, you might still be able to coax some useful life out of an otherwise sound marker with little more than a professional refurbishing. Talk to our experts today!

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