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Street Smart Insurance Buena Park CA Affordable Exterior Sign

 Jan 26, 2014
Affordable Aluminum Exterior Signs Buena Park CA

Custom Aluminum Exterior Signs for Street Smart Insurance

Located at 6881 Stanton Avenue in California’s Buena Park, Street Smart Insurance Solutions was in need of an exterior sign. Up to this point, the company had relied on a weathered banner that identified their suite at the location. Yet the city code enforcement office served a notice on Street Smart Insurance that they would be fined for keeping the weather-beaten signage in place. Unwilling to pay the penalty, the company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for a new sign.

Remembering how quickly the last banner became weathered, the company was hoping for something a bit more durable. We did a site evaluation and found that a 6mm aluminum composite sign would be the most cost-effective solution for an area that needed to meet all the spatial requirements the storefront’s facade presented. The choice of aluminum was easy. For affordable exterior signs Buena Park, CA, business leaders frequently rely on aluminum as the base material. It is hardwearing and virtually indestructible by sun exposure or strong winds.

Banner Signs Buena Park CA

The Old and Out of Code Banner Sign

Adding the company’s information was easily done with the use of a vinyl print. Placed directly onto the aluminum composite, we also laminated the sign with a 3M UV protecting coating. This laminate will protect the sign’s blue and green colors from fading in the strong Southern California sun. When paired with the sturdy aluminum base material, the print alone should last at least five years in full sun exposure. When it comes time to replace the print, we only need to replace it with a new print rather than a completely new sign.

By the way, this choice of the aluminum substrate also benefits a company that undergoes change. If Street Smart were to decide on a change of signage, we could simply create a new print cover for the sign and install it. This could be done for less than half the cost of a new sign. If you believe that aluminum composite exterior signs are for you, consider that you will be in good company. Here is why:

Insurance signs Buena Park CA

The New Sign Is Much More Effective!

  • Code compliant. The signs meet the specifications of city code enforcement. Do not risk fines or costly appeals with weathering banners. Rather, switch over to a durable aluminum composite sign that looks attractive.
  • Durable. The signage substrate will last virtually forever. The vinyl skin we print and apply lasts at least for five years, perhaps longer – depending on direct sun exposure. Southern California business facades in particular face an onslaught of potentially destructive factors. The consistent warm weather makes the area a haven for termites, which are known to destroy signs with wood components. The sun is another problem since it tends to fade regular markers rather quickly. The closer a business is located to the ocean, the more often there is fine sand in the air that also affects a sign’s looks and ages it more rapidly. Aluminum is impervious to all of these forces of nature.
  • Adjustable. The inexpensive nature of the exterior sign is just right for budget-conscious start-up companies. The opportunity to adapt the facing at any time for a reasonable cost makes it ideal for the business that is in flux or still experimenting with logos and company colors. Why should you spend more money on a channel letter sign if you are not even sure yet that you want to keep your color scheme or typeface?

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