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3M Vehicle Wraps and Decals Look Better and Last Longer in Orange County, CA!

 May 16, 2023

Why do we confidently say that our 3M vehicle wraps and decals in Orange County, CA, last longer and look better? What does our shop do differently than other businesses in the same field? Your vehicle graphics questions – answered!

commercial car wraps in orange county, ca

Why Participate in 3M Installer Training?

3M is a well-known business. It produces adhesive tapes, coatings, and films. 3M offers various training and certification programs related to the installation and application of its products. Because we work with 3M products when applying full or partial vehicle wraps and any decals, it made sense that our team would go through the training available to us.


The 3M Authorized Installer Program

This program is designed to train and certify professionals who install and use 3M products. This is particularly apropos in specific applications such as window film, paint protection film, and graphic installation. The program provides hands-on training, product knowledge, and best practices for installation techniques.

Partial vehicle wraps in orange county, ca

By becoming a 3M Authorized Installer, our technicians gained access to specialized tools, technical support, and marketing resources from 3M. This designation serves as a recognition of our expertise and commitment to quality installations using 3M products.


Benefiting from the 3M MCS (Matched Component System) Warranty Extension

Were you aware of this warranty program provided by 3M for specific graphics and signage applications? The MCS warranty extension offers additional coverage beyond the standard product warranty for graphics made using 3M digital printing materials and recommended 3M components.


The warranty extension applies when the graphic is produced and installed according to 3 M’s guidelines and recommendations. Doing so includes using compatible 3M products throughout production. It ensures that the performance and durability of the graphic meet 3M’s high standards. Coverage examples include fading, cracking, peeling, and other defects in the graphic caused by manufacturing or material issues.


How do you take advantage of this warranty extension? The graphic producer you work with must be an authorized 3M graphics manufacturer and follow the specific requirements outlined by 3M.


Superior Signs and Graphics is the Right Shop for Your Next Order of 3M Vehicle Wraps and Decals in Orange County, CA

To summarize, our technicians have participated in the authorized installer program; working with our shop enables clients to take advantage of the 3M warranty extension. You get two more warranty years of cast vinyl and laminates that we print and install. Non-MCS shops cannot offer you this benefit.

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Remember also that w offer design assistance for any product you order. Whether you need a full wrap that combines marketing with a brand-building message, we can put it together for you. For a partial wrap that incorporates the vehicle’s base color, our graphic artist will gladly show you different options that could look fantastic for your brand.


We also offer this design option for clients buying decals and lettering; they look easy to place and size, but they frequently are not. Work with our specialists to get the type of vehicle graphics coverage you need – and the warranty advantages that protect your investment. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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