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3D Lobby Logo Sign Brands Cypress Cosmetics Business!

 Mar 28, 2019

3D Lobby Logo Signs | Cypress CA

Nu Skin is the anti-aging company that has attracted attention through its nutritional supplements, body care products, and face care goods. When the local office needed a 3D lobby logo sign, a company representative contacted our sign shop for assistance.

Impressing Visitors with Chic PVC

Branded Lobby Logo Signs | Cypress CA

A lobby logo sign brands your business!

We received the specs from the client and took the measurements. Next, we created a quarter-inch-thick rendition of the corporate name and logo from PVC. Our technicians painted the product in light gray tones that perfectly suit the office’s makeup. Similarly, the color contrasts well with the white tones of the wall.

Because the office’s occupants understand the importance of attracting foot traffic, a company representative asked us to manufacture a vinyl logo for the glass window as well. For this product, our team used white vinyl that stands out considerably from the darker toned glass. Now, the company succeeds in branding its cosmetics business with chic signage that catches the eye.

PVC Could Be the Game Changer You Have Been Looking For

3D Lobby Logo Signs for Retailers in Cypress CA

3D Logo signs great for all types of retailers!

Acrylic is an expensive material. However, sign foam leaves you cold. There is another option. PVC is a plastic that is hard, durable, and a lot less expensive than acrylic. That said, it brings some of the acrylic’s best qualities to the table. For example, PVC is suitable for interior and exterior signage.

Technicians can paint it in any color of the rainbow. Therefore, it is possible to adapt it to your unique corporate palette. We recommend a satin finish for the PVC because it creates an attractive presentation of any color while avoiding the glare that could come from sunlight or artificial light exposure. Installers typically mount the style elements flush to the wall, which creates a clean appearance.

Signage Combinations for the One-Two Branding Punch

Brand-building vinyl window lettering Cypress CA

Add vinyl window lettering for even more branding power!

Take a page from the playbook of Nu Skin, and pair a lobby sign with another marker. The window graphic is ideally suited for beginning the brand conversation with a prospective shopper. When this consumer enters the storefront, the lobby sign continues it. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to this combination.

For example, another excellent option is the mix of a lobby sign and A-frame. When you select a branded product with your name and color already imprinted on the material, changeable display pockets give you the flexibility you need to feature various specials. Communicating with consumers is easy since you place the A-frame into the flow of foot traffic.

Ordering a Branded 3D Lobby Logo Sign for Your Location

Would you like to take a closer look at PVC as a solution for your next lobby sign? Visit our sign shop and inspect the material. That said, you might also check our product gallery that shows off several PVC signs we have done for business clients.

Our graphic artist gladly assists you with the design process of the sign. Select the presentation that best exemplifies your corporate persona. It encapsulates your brand message and is the eye candy that makes customers take notice. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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