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3D Building Lettering and Logo Help Brea, CA Manufacturer Stand Out!

 Nov 27, 2023

Foam letters are excellent budget-friendly options for your facade. However, when it is time to replace them, we recommend upgrading to PVC. We recently did such a 3D building lettering and logo in Brea, CA, for Marinex at 735 Challenger Street. In business since 1984, the company has supplied the military and commercial sectors. 

Old Marinex Sign

Old Marinex Sign

An Upgraded Dimensional Letter Building Sign Reflects the Intricate Brand Display

Our technicians began the project with one-inch-thick PVC. Next, we applied imprinted vinyl to the faces of the logo and the letters to capture the gradient color changes and outlines. To ensure that the product would last for a long time to come, we used premium cast vinyl and cast laminate. Once installed, the custom building sign replaced a product showing its age.

acrylic building logo signs in brea, ca

Choosing the Best Material for Three-Dimensional Building Signs

Picking out the material for your next custom building sign largely depends on the desired aesthetic, durability, cost, and environmental conditions at the location. We typically work with a broad range of materials.

  • Outdoor-rated sign foam. The sign foam is an excellent solution for a budget-friendly display. However, it will not outlast some of the slightly more expensive materials. 
  • Metal. Common metals like aluminum and stainless steel are durable and can provide a modern look. That said, they are costlier. There is a middle ground by applying metallic laminates to sign foam or acrylic bases.
  • Acrylic. This glass-like material offers versatility, can be used for various effects, and is available in different colors. Best of all, select a high-gloss finish or a matte display.
  • PVC. Our clients like PVC because it does well in Southern California and does not deteriorate like wood. While wood has a classic and natural look, it requires more maintenance to keep termites at bay.
  • HDU (High-Density Urethane). It is lightweight, durable, and can mimic the appearance of wood. We typically carve it to create the 3D setup.

Still Need to Decide What to Select? Let Us Help!

dimensional letter building signs in brea, ca

Our team routinely works with clients looking for 3D building lettering and logos in Brea, CA, and across the OC. We welcome the opportunity to visit your location to determine the sun exposure and, if necessary, the exposure to sea air and sand. Harsh weather conditions require more durable materials.

custom building signs in brea, ca

Besides that, there is also the brand image to consider. The chosen material should align with the company’s brand image and overall design aesthetics. Of course, we also factor in the budget allocated for the sign. Different materials come with varying costs. Our specialists have found ways of making a sign look expensive but using materials well within your budget. 

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