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Office Wall Murals Tell a Success Story in Orange County CA!

 May 04, 2017

DevicePharm works with professionals in the medical field to assist with marketing strategies. Experts at this business contacted our graphic artists to discuss the design of office wall murals in Orange County, CA, for their ReShape Medical program. This venture just received FDA approval for its dual balloon system that revolutionizes non-surgical weight loss. Since the publication of this information is bound to generate tremendous interest in the product and the company, the facility had to be ready for the visits of clients, families, and investors.

Presenting a Compelling Visual

Custom Office Wall Murals for Offices in Orange County CA

Tell your story with eye-grabbing office wall murals!

A corner presentation is always a great opportunity for making a fantastic impression on visitors. We installed graphics on two walls that are adjacent to others we had previously treated. This particular setting is the first thing visitors to the facility see as they enter through the doors. Our client was aware of the exposure level, which is the primary reason why this corner had to be perfect.

For this reason, we used a cast vinyl material that is ideally suited for the installation on the orange peel texture of the wall. Also, by using a matte laminate, we ensured that the details of the images do not get lost in the glare of direct illumination. Some wall treatments feature lettering and a symbol. Others display client photos with a before and after appearance that look great against a gradient color change backdrop. More lettering spells out the hallmarks of the company’s customer care.

Why Should You Emphasize Your Brand Communication with Wall Graphics?

Custom Vinyl Office Wall Decor for Offices in Orange County CA

Entice, engage and brand with wall graphics!

There is never a wrong time to present or reinforce your brand message. Remember that this level of communication is much more than a commercial buy-me signal. Instead, it succeeds in grabbing the client’s attention on a heart or gut level. You create common ground, which then helps the consumer make a buying decision because s/he feels good about doing business with you rather than with the competition.

To achieve this level of buy-in calls for the judicious use of signage, some of which can take on the form of wall graphics or murals. Additional options include retractable banners, floor stickers, tabletop presentations, and window graphics. Some clients like to use dramatic brand briefings in the forms of imprinted acrylic panels that become wall art rather than clear signage. Combining colors, symbols, lettering, and messages in this manner ensures that the client receives the brand information in different presentations, which resonates on a range of levels.

Order Office Wall Murals in Orange County, CA

Custom Office Wall Graphics in Orange County CA

Inspire employees to promote your brand!

Because these products shape the way that your venue communicates a strong brand idea to the consumer, do not leave the design to chance. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a look that supports the branding and takes into consideration the overall look and feel of the venue. Moreover, we ensure that the designs and colors perfectly match the lobby sign as well as other signage products you already have.

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