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Custom Signs and Graphics for Apartment Communities in Orange County!

 Dec 05, 2017

You find the Del Rey Apartments at 1750 Easy Way in Anaheim. More and more people move to the area because it offers an advantageous starting point for reaching Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, and the Honda Center. Since apartments at the location are a hot commodity, property managers like to ensure that wayfinding is a snap. It is one of the reasons why Superior Signs and Graphics received the call to put together a custom sign and graphic for this apartment community.

Attractive Signage Catches the Eye and Persuades Prospective Tenants to Step Closer

Apartment Signs and Graphics | Orange County CA

Aluminum composite panels make great signs for apartments!

The sign consists of a durable aluminum composite panel. We laminated it with anti-graffiti graphics. They spell out the name of the venue, its address, and feature some artwork that is in keeping with the locale’s overall atmosphere. In the process, we ensured that tenants know that these homes are apartments for rent (rather than condos for sale). This step is vital for increasing foot traffic and interest in the location. The marker now displays perfectly centered on the lower third of the building wall facing the street.

Why Add Anti-Graffiti Laminates?

Apartment Signs and Graphics | Anaheim CA

Bright, bold and easy to see!

Southern California property managers have come to realize that adding this laminate saves them time and money. Rather than spending more on signage replacements or repairs, they now merely wipe away offensive scribbles with a specialty cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Because this is something that the janitorial staff can handle, they do not even have to call our technicians to handle the details. (Although we gladly come to your location and perform this task as part of our maintenance services.)

Apartment Complex Monument Signs | Orange County CA

Update your monument sign!

When compared to properties that display signage with graffiti, management professionals agree that the good looks of the signs bring in more prospective renters. They give the venue an atmosphere of being well cared for. Also, they keep the products looking like new, which impresses passersby. Because taggers get frustrated when you remove their “artwork,” they tend to move on to other properties where their scribbles remain in place.

Choosing the Right Custom Signs and Graphics for Apartment Communities

Apartment Complex Signs for Property Managers | Orange County CA

We work with many property management companies!

Orange County apartment properties need to stand out. Because of competition, your location should be welcoming with plenty of signage that makes wayfinding a snap. In addition to customized building signage as we did for the Del Rey Apartment Homes, there are also other products that work well.

  • Monument sign. Whether you already have a structure in place or need something new, we can help. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a contemporary signage solution that catches the eye and represents your brand.
  • Banners. Choose banners to advertise move-in specials and seasonally discounted rates. This practice works well during the holidays and when attracting students for off-campus living.
  • Building letters. Another good option for catching the eye is a set of dimensional letters. When your buildings have names, consider this possibility for their displays.
Custom Apartment Signs and Graphics Orange County

Ready to update your complex signage?

Of course, there are plenty of additional alternatives. Discuss your plans with our graphic artists to find out what signage could be ideally suited to meet your needs today. We help you select the right material, size, and setup to set the tone for tenants’ experiences with your brand.

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