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Rejuvenation of Hyundai Santa Fe With Color Change Vehicle Wraps!

 Sep 09, 2014
Color change vehicle wraps Orange County

Color change vehicle wraps a popular option!

Color change vehicle wraps for Orange County vehicle owners are quickly becoming all the rage. They surpass the look of most any new paint job with their elegance and eye-grabbing finesse. But what do you do when your last wrap has reached the end of its useful life and you have added some hip aftermarket body parts to your vehicle? Do you spring for an expensive paint job? No! You visit Superior Signs and Graphics; the signage maker who is famous for installing gorgeous satin black vehicle wraps in Orange County and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Satin black vehicle wraps Orange County

First we removed the old wraps…

This is exactly what the owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe did. In need of a color change wrap, this vehicle had been previously wrapped – a long time ago. After adding new front and rear bumpers with air dams as well as cool rocker panels, it was time to overhaul the wrap. No problem! We uninstalled the old wrap and meticulously removed the adhesive. Doing so was easy with a combination of heat guns, steam guns, and citrus based adhesive removers. At last, the vehicle was ready for the new install.

After all the prep work and a thorough cleaning of the car’s exterior, we set up our shop to install one of our popular matte black vehicle wraps. For Orange County gear heads with a passion for a cool look that lasts, this is the best color change wrap solution by far. For a twist, we changed the color to a satin black that is not quite as flat as a matte black but nevertheless just as mysterious, head-turning and all around great looking. We chose a vinyl product from Avery, which is a company that manufactures high-quality pre-colored black color change vinyl wraps. Of course, the installation was not as simple as removing one wrap, prepping the car and then installing a new wrap.

Black matte vehicle wraps Orange County

Next we installed the new satin black wraps!

First, we removed the headlights and taillights, door handles on the inside and the outside, two emblems and four windows surrounds. After all, when you want your car wrapped, you want it done perfectly. Think of these steps as the difference between painting around a door knob on the door and taking off the door knob to paint underneath it. The latter always looks better in the end. Next, we took into account the vehicle’s make and model when designing the seams and cutting the material for a perfect fit. Once the satin black wrap was installed, door handles, emblems and lights were reinstalled. The result is a breathtakingly gorgeous vehicle.

Orange County color change vehicle wraps

The client loved the finished wrap!

Take a look at your car. Do you like what you see? Can you imagine your vehicle in a matte or satin black color? Would you like this type of attractive car makeover without the expense of a paint job? We can help! Talk to our friendly color change vehicle wrap experts today for more information. We gladly take a look at your car, show you different colors that would turn heads whenever you drive down the street and also prepare a cost estimate. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised. After all, you do not have to spend big bucks to look like a million dollars!

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