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Decals and Lettering Allow Long Beach Contractor to Advertise Using His Existing Van!

 Aug 04, 2017

Contractor Vehicle Decals and Lettering | Long Bech CA

Prodigy Window Coverings does business with homeowners in the greater Long Beach area. The company’s home treatments include custom pieces and matching upholstery services. To advertise the firm’s services more succinctly, the management team contacted us to discuss the design of van decals and lettering for contractors in Long Beach.

Creating Visual Interest with a Mix of Decals and Lettering

Contractor Van Decals and Lettering Long Beach CA

Adding van lettering and graphics allows you to advertise on the go!

The company already owned a van. But so far, it did not do much to advertise the business. We fixed that. We started with graphics that display images from the firm’s portfolio. By placing them where the windows in a passenger van would typically go, consumers now do the double take when they see the smaller graphics that give the illusion of letting you see through the vehicle. Because we used different images on the right and left sides, we further heighten the visual appeal

Toward the back of the van, we placed the company’s name, which we followed up with a menu of services. Right underneath, you find the company’s phone number and website address. The doors feature the logo as well as a smaller rendition of the corporate name. The back of the van repeats the name, contact information, and menu of services as well as products. Now, whenever the vehicle pulls up to a supplier or a job site, passersby know what the company’s business model entails.

What Does Your Vehicle Say about Your Business Right Now?

Contractor van graphics and decals Long Beach CA

Add a menu list of the services you offer!

If the sides and back are blank, it is not saying much at all. The problem arises when you rely on a car, truck, or van to carry supplies or crews. Pulling up in a nondescript vehicle makes it impossible to advertise your products and services. Moreover, the absence of contact information also prevents prospective customers from contacting you to learn more about them.

Fixing this shortcoming is easy.

  • Door graphics. Present your company’s name, logo, and contact information on the sides of the vehicle. Use your corporate palette for additional brand recognition.
  • Graphics and lettering. Expand on this necessary information by providing a menu of services on the sides and back. Doing so greatly boosts your customers’ brand awareness. Not only do they recognize your name and logo, but they also know what you do or sell.
  • Wraps. Go for the gusto with a full or partial wrap. Doing so provides you with the added advantage of providing the types of eye candy that turn heads. Also, you have a lot more space to present your advertising message.

Do You Need Van Decals and Lettering for Contractors in Long Beach?

Van graphics, decals and lettering Long Beach CA

Add your website URL for easy reference!

Whether you are picking up a new van at the dealership and want to have it treated, or you already have a van that has been in use for a while, we can upgrade the look of the vehicle. Even if you have a wrap or graphics package that is losing its luster, we can take off the old graphics and install new ones. Find out how we can change the pizzazz and message of your van’s appearance.

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