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Wall Graphics and Decals for Physical Therapy Companies in Orange, CA!

 Apr 03, 2023

We had another opportunity to assist Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy with custom wall graphics in Orange, CA. CB Physical Therapy has entrusted Superior Signs and Graphics with designing, producing, and installing vinyl wall lettering and decals at all their locations. For this project, we added to the wall treatments we had previously done.

vinyl wall lettering in orange, ca

A Space Expansion Calls for Additional Custom Wall Graphics

The clinic took over the neighboring suite and expanded its square footage. We previously did a word wall and a “Move, Live Pain Free” striped wall at the location. Now, it was time to add more graphics to integrate the space. Our shop keeps clients’ specs on file, letting us quickly fill orders. When we arrived at the location, the new vinyl wall lettering and decals looked perfectly in place. The color match was spot-on. 

Why Do Physical Therapy Clinics Like Wall Lettering Decals?

These clinics work hard to create a welcoming, supportive environment that appeals to patients. Because the floor has to remain free from clutter, there are better options for any signage displays. Therefore, achieving the goal of creating this environment calls for wall graphics and decals. 

 lettering and decals in orange, ca

Examples of Custom Vinyl Wall Letters in a Medical Setting

Graphics, letters, and decals can communicate important information, such as treatment plans and exercises. Besides that, there are plenty of additional options.

  • Motivational quotes. Recovering from an injury is a process that is frequently lengthy. Motivational quotes and images keep patients focused during rehab. Besides that, it can encourage them to keep pushing themselves toward better health.
  • Educational information. Photos and drawings are excellent tools for educating patients. Cases in point are diagrams of the human body that explain muscle groups and joints affected by specific injuries. Visualizing treatment plans and exercise routines helps patients understand why specific movements matter. 
  • Branding and marketing. Besides guiding patients, graphics, decals, and letters are ideally suited for branding and marketing. Physical therapy clinics display logos and mottos on their walls, which creates a professional environment. It is a great way to remind patients and caregivers of the clinic’s name, to connect the services with a name or color combination, and to cause passersby to remember the name of the service provider. 

Custom wall graphics in orange, ca

Custom Wall Graphics in Orange, CA, Create a Personalized Environment

A fully personalized setting helps patients feel comfortable. Decals can be used to create a calming environment. Also, letters could spell out a favorite quote that becomes a patient’s motto. Consider that custom wall decals, letters, and graphics create a welcoming environment outside the clinic setting. It improves the customer’s experience at your location. Most importantly, it personalizes the display of a brand message.

Because you are entirely in charge of the graphic design, many clients prefer to work with our visual artist to finalize their ideas. It allows for clever, nuanced displays that hit all the right notes and perfectly encapsulate brand messages. Call our shop today to schedule a design appointment!

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