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Pole Mounted Banners Advertise Apartment Vacancies and Amenities in Garden Grove, CA!

 Mar 31, 2023

We recently had the opportunity to do more work for the TN Investments Group. Over the years, we have taken on plenty of projects for this client, particularly around the properties that advertised for tenants. A good example is the signage package we did for the Huntington Clay Apartments. This time, we visited the City Villas at 13061 Lampson Avenue to put up pole-mounted banners in Garden Grove, CA.

pole mounted banners in garden grove, ca

What are Pole Banners?

Our shop frequently designs, fabricates, and installs pole banners for apartment complexes, car dealerships, and malls. But what are they? Generally, they are single or double-sided vertical banners that we hang from light or street poles. Messages are typically brand-building or promotional. 

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