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Vibrant Colors Day and Night for New Restaurant Sign in Buena Park!

 Oct 23, 2019

Located at 7000 Beach Boulevard, Ventanas Grill provides a casual breakfast and dinner experience at the Buena Park Holiday Inn. Families enjoy the friendly atmosphere and kids-eat-free menu. When the hotel’s general manager noticed that the restaurant’s sign was faded and peeling, he contacted our sign shop to assist with a new restaurant sign in Buena Park.

Controlling Color Accuracy and Protecting Vibrant Colors

Refurbished Restaurant Signs in Buena Park CA

What led to the signage demise had to do, in part, with the intense Southern California sun. However, another culprit was the illumination that came from behind the panels. Therefore, our team decided to do something different with the two signs that measure four feet by 20 feet.

We started with a two-piece acrylic panel solution. Next, we imprinted the restaurant’s name and logo with vibrant colors. Then, we added a layer of white. Finally, we added a third layer that once again features the color play of the company. Doing so is advantageous because it limits the colors’ vibrancy during the day to be highly visible but not overpowering.

By night, the dual presentation of the color play ensures a similar display that is just as accurate. This process prevents colors from becoming obnoxious or looking washed out, which can be a danger when dealing with extreme illumination from either side. Now, the finished product looks contemporary and is an asset to the restaurant as well as the hotel.

Refurbishing Existing Box Cabinets

Refurbished Cabinet Signs for Restaurants in Buena Park CA

This faded old sign…

Why buy new when you need little more than a sign refurbishing? Do not let the current disrepair and unattractive look of your cabinet sign throw you off. It may very well be a diamond in the rough.

  • Fresh paint. The box cabinet itself consists of sturdy aluminum. Frequently, it is in excellent condition. It might need a bit of new color, but little more.
  • New acrylic panels. What is typically the most apparent sign of disrepair is the panel itself. It generally consists of acrylic or polycarbonate. We can replace the existing panels with some that look precisely like it. If you prefer, we can also put up a pan face setup that adds a new three-dimensional look to the presentation.
  • New LEDs. Frequently, there’s a need to change out old LEDs for new ones. In some cases, we also replace the wiring.

These refurbishing techniques save you money and time. Because we do not have to manufacture a completely new sign from the ground up, we can have yours up and running a lot sooner.

Ordering a New Restaurant Sign in Buena Park, CA

New Restaurant Signs in Buena Park CA

…Is now bright, vibrant and easy to see!

What does your restaurant need in the way of signage today? Take a page from the playbook of Ventanas Grill and redo your existing box cabinet. Maybe you are opening a new venue and need a building sign for a façade. Our graphic artist will gladly provide you with the information you need to make the right buying decision.

If a lightbox cabinet is not what you had in mind, you can do very well with channel letters or dimensional letters. Once again, our graphic artist can show you what these products would look like on the façade of your building before you commit.

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