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Visi-Cooler Vinyl Wraps for Beverage Distributors in Orange County

 May 12, 2015

Cooler wraps for beverage distributors in Orange County are premier marketing methods. Nothing brands a beverage better than shelf signage at the point of purchase. In addition, the right artwork not only creates a need that the product fulfills, but it helps consumers to generate name recognition even as they are becoming aware of the brand.

Encouraging Marketing, Branding and Sales with Cooler Wraps

Viso-Cooler Wraps Orange County

Yes we can wrap coolers!

Case in point is Nestle Waters’ retail division. Its management team recently contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to wrap two Visi-Cooler units. These refrigerated units display beverages while they keep them cold at retail outlets. The coolers feature large-capacity storage shelves and usually include lighting components.

Although Nestle Waters commissioned and paid for the wraps, the finished product actually benefits Statewide Beverage in Commerce. This company’s partnership with Nestle has led to the distribution of two popular brands of bottled water, Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water and Nestle Pure Life purified water. Because of this business relationship, we created and installed wraps that reflect both brand images – one on each side.

Retail store vending cooler vinyl wraps

The cooler before the vinyl wraps

Doing so makes rotating of products a snap and allows for concurrent sales of both products. Of course, applying a brand-specific wrap to the coolers accomplishes another goal. It encourages retailers to use the coolers exclusively for the display and sale of the named beverages. Look closely, and you will notice that the finished design features water drops on a glass background, which then displays the brand’s logo at the center’s focal point.

Making Shelf Wraps Work for You

You can use this technology to your advantage as well. Whether you are a product manufacturer, distributor or retailer, the application of brand-specific signage products at the shelf level makes a big impression on the consumer. It draws attention to the product, highlights the name of the manufacturer and creates an invitation to buy. While the Visi-Cooler wraps for beverage distributors in Orange County work great for the bottled water, consider the application of similar signage for other products, too.

Viso-Cooler Beverage Wraps Orange County

More Viso-Cooler beverage wraps!

In the case of standard dry-self storage, the use of floor graphics is an excellent method for drawing attention to the location of the item. Colorful images catch the eye. Augment this signage solution with the addition of point of purchase signs that we can install directly to the shelf or slightly above. This one-two signage punch is sure to have excellent results. Other products include cutouts, hanging signage and shelf backgrounds.

Plan Your Merchandising Method Today

Contact our graphic artists today for more information on these marketing methods and signage displays. We work with the shelving units that you have and offer you advice on different signage products that can make your targeted items stand out more. In addition to providing you with the possibility of wraps, graphics and posters, we can also walk you through matching signage products that provide store display opportunities with these brands in mind. Examples include end-cap displays and middle-of-the-aisle setups.

Beverage distributor cooler wraps

Installing the cooler wraps!

We routinely work with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to present their products in the best light possible. Affect your bottom line today by adding hard-hitting signage solutions to the mix.

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