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Vinyl Wrap Gives Ducati Motorcycles in La Mirada a New Look for Their Sport Trailer!

 May 01, 2017

Ducati is a name that makes your heart beat faster. Combining safety and high-performance in bikes for touring, racing, and daily use, the company’s trade show booths are among the most visited at any location. In the past, we worked with the company’s team to outfit a shipping container with lettering that would do justice to its luxury products. Since the business needed trade show panels as well, we wrapped them in matte black for the company. At that time, we also put together a fabric graphics panel for the Ducati Café trade show display.

From White Ram Truck and Nondescript Sports Trailer to Matte Black and Expertly Wrapped Showstoppers

Black Matte Truck Wraps in Orange County CA

Black matte truck wraps offer a powerful appearance!

When the team at Ducati contacted us this time, it needed a set of vinyl wraps for trailers in La Mirada, CA, and a vehicle wrap that would stop onlookers in their tracks. The company is introducing the XDiavel sports bike that has reviewers and test drivers buzzing. To show off this model, the tow vehicle and sports trailer needed to communicate the pizzazz, style, and sophistication that the bike bespeaks.

Before and after pictures of black matte truck wraps

The RAM Crew Cab before the wrap!

Our graphic artists started with the tow vehicle. We took the RAM Crew Cab  from white to a matte black with subliminal gloss black stripes on the sides. They look fantastic against the matte backdrop. Choosing this wrap type also brings out the lines of the Ram perfectly. We added white lettering that identifies the truck as a Ducati vehicle, which heightens the visual interest.

RAM Matte Black Truck Wraps

Wow! Now this RAM truck turns heads!

Next, we turned our attention to the 40-foot trailer. We knew that we had to hit this one out of the park. We started with a full wrap that features a matching matte black. Printed graphics show images of the XDiavel in a full spectrum of gray and white tones. Although this may appear like an unusual choice, consider that the mystique of a black truck and trailer combination is an excellent choice for generating attention. In a business where colorful ads and glossy displays are the norm, standing out with matte black and gray is instrumental for success.

Impressing the Consumer with Carefully Planned Layouts and Color Choices that Come Alive on Vinyl Wraps for Trailers in La Mirada, CA

Vinyl Trailer Wraps in LA County and Orange County

Custom vinyl sports trailer wraps for Ducati!

The goal of the product is, of course, to get the attention of shoppers. Enthusiasts across the country know the Ducati brand and have heard about the XDiavel. When they come face to face with the bike, the impression has to be breathtaking. Make a mistake here, and the first impression falls flat. This would cause the buzz to die down quickly.

Vinyl Wraps for Trailers in Orange County CA

These graphics come alive on this sports trailer!

But with the carefully cultivated brand display of the bike, the buzz is sure to continue. Harnessing the power of matte and glossy vinyl, expert treatment of the transport vehicles, and a continuation of the mystique with color choices and image selection, the XDiavel makes a splash wherever the trailer takes it.

You might not be in the business of selling motorcycles. No matter what your product is, you need to leverage this kind of marketing expertise when putting together its display. Take a page from the Ducati playbook and opt for a matte black wrap setup with subliminal gloss stripes. Alternatively, go for a full-color setup that details your merchandise in living color. When you work with our graphic artists, you know that you make a fantastic first impression.

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