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Body Centre Wellness Spa Advertises with Window Graphics in Anaheim CA

 Jun 10, 2014
Vinyl window graphics for Anaheim CA

Window graphics from corner to corner!

When looking and feeling your best is something that you are dedicated to achieving this year, the Body Centre Wellness Spa at 430 North Lakeview in Anaheim is the place to visit. Providing massage therapies, personalized skin care services and also teeth whitening as well as chiropractic care, this locale works hard to create a restful atmosphere for its clients. When it came time to step up its marketing, the Body Centre’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

We visited the business and learned that the team wanted to make good use of its large window panes. Since shades were usually drawn to provide privacy to clients, we knew that the glass was perfectly suited to hold the window graphics for salons and spas in Orange County that have become so popular. Covering the upper third of the windows, we custom-printed photos of blissfully relaxed massage clients and showcased the presence of two current locations. In addition, we listed some of the boutique services this business offers.

Window graphics for spa and fitness centers Anaheim CA

Window graphics great for advertising!

Why Choose Window Graphics?

There is little doubt that this form of advertising is catching on. When windows are not a primary means of product display, they can actually become sometimes discomfited parts of your facade. In the case of a spa, doctor’s office or other locale where clients value privacy, these windows are great for letting in the light but unfortunately also allow visual access to curious passersby.

When you decide to use the glass panes as a means for advertising, you make excellent use of a surface that is not highly desirable but nevertheless is part and parcel of your venue setup. Better still, when you decide to choose a perforated vinyl product, you allow light to penetrate the advertisement while keeping the glimpses of others at bay. Your marketing message still displays beautifully.

Who Uses this Marketing Medium?

Decals and lettering to use on the windows are commonly commissioned by businesses that want to communicate with the consumer who walks or drives by the location. Common messages include store hours and brief mentions of the types of services offered inside.

When only a full marketing message setup will do, business owners look to the full window graphic. Spanning one ore more window panes, these are now commonly seen on the glass panels of service providers, health care practitioners and some specialty consumer service representatives such as insurance agents, accountants and attorneys. Retailers are becoming more receptive to this marketing setup – if they can get away from using windows as in-store display locations.

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How This Ad Solution Benefits a Business

If the short-lived nature of a billboard campaign has scared you away from the medium, the window graphic is its long-term cousin. The graphics are durable and – depending on whether you want them installed on the inside or the outside – can last for about five years. Costing a fraction of the price that you would normally pay for a billboard, your ad lasts longer and stays in place longer. It transforms an otherwise nondescript façade into a well-performing marketing vehicle, which greatly benefits the bottom line of a business and also encourages walk-in customers to come and check out the company.

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