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Phoenix Audio Technologies Chooses Vinyl Decal Lobby Sign

 Aug 14, 2014
Die cut vinyl graphic lobby signs Orange County

Die cut vinyl a great option for lobby signs!

Located at 16 Goodyear in Irvine, Phoenix Audio Technologies is an audiophile’s go-to solution for acoustic improvement. The business community knows that this provider ensures proper audio wiring of large conference rooms and enhances high-quality audio conferencing. When it came time to add a cutting edge decal to the office’s lobby entrance, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

Beautify Walls with Vinyl Decal Lobby Signs!

We manufactured a die cut wall decal for the entrance. It mimics the look of the website’s display of the company’s name and logo. Moreover, the graduated colors look sleek and high-tech on the bare wall. This is the type of image that the reception area of any avant-garde audio technology company wants to portray to its customers. This marker is properly positioned to be centered above the receptionist’s desk, which allows office plants located on the sides to further beautify the look of the focal wall.

Vinyl decal lobby signs Orange County

Vinyl decals affordable, unique and appealing!

Vinyl decals are a new trend in lobby signage that is quickly catching on. Die cut wall decals for Orange County high-tech companies are taking the place of the traditional dimensional letters and three-dimensional displays. This hints at a new minimalist approach to front office décor in this particular sector. Examples of companies that have chosen vinyl decal lobby signs in Orange County include technology experts, software and game designers, high-tech gadget manufacturers and home automation consultants.

The advantage of the decals is the crisp appearance of the logo. Our digital printing expertise ensures that the lines are well defined and the colors remain separated except in those areas where a gradual change is to be affected. Depending on the lighting setup in your office, you might choose a glossy, lustrous or matte finish for the decal. When paired with digitally printed wallpaper, we can incorporate your logo and company name in the look. This makes the focal wall pop and draws attention to the organic fit of your lobby sign.

Lobby signs Orange County

Tons of options for your lobby sign!

Additional Lobby Sign Options

If lobby decals are not to your liking, you still have the option of choosing a traditional marker for the reception area. We work with acrylics, PVC, Gatorfoam, metal laminates and a host of other materials. If you are hoping to find something that is not completely flat on the wall but also does not stand out too much, consider the addition of die-cut acrylic letters. They are so lightweight that we can attach them directly to the surface. This only raises the lettering a little bit, which is a great compromise for the business owner who wants an almost-but-not-quite flat look.

There is yet another option if you have fallen in love with the die-cut decal but are not sure that you want to have it mounted directly on your wall. We can create this same decal and then mount it to a clear piece of acrylic that mimics the shape of your finished lobby marker. Mounted with offsets, you get the best of both worlds: the traditional lobby signage look and the sleek elegance of the decal. Call our experienced vinyl decal designers for more information on this technology and to get your order started.

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