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Superior Signs and Graphics Helps Orange County Mall with Fast Turnaround and Cost Saving Signage Tactics!

 Dec 02, 2016

Vestar Property Management is a longtime client. In the past, we replaced signage at The Village at Orange, when Party City’s channel letter setup needed to be updated. When Phone Stylist moved into the Buena Park Mall, Vestar suggested that the company call us for the design of foam letters to brand its location. The property management company also asked us to create attractive prints for its office to display the development of this mall.

Parking lot signs for shopping mall managers in Orange County CA

Signage technology allowed us to fabricate these signs FAST!

This time around, Vestar contacted us to discuss parking signs and graphics for malls in Orange County, CA, in particular for The Shops at Rossmoor in Seal Beach. This upscale mall is home to national brands such as Kohl’s and PetSmart but also local favorites like Francesca’s and Rossmoor Nails & Spa. Some of the parking signs needed new graphics and lettering. Because they feature legally mandated notices and information, the timing was of the essence.

Would You Like Us to Save you a Few Thousand Dollars and Shave a Week off the Turnaround Time? Sure!

Private Parking Lot Signs for Property Managers in Orange County CA

These parking and directional signs are a must-do for shopping malls!

We inspected the parking signs and found that they were in excellent condition. Removing and replacing the old graphics would have taken a while and added costs. Our experts suggested that we could just reface the signs with new aluminum sheets that feature graphics, which are already applied to the surface. By eliminating the removal of lettering and graphics, a repainting of the signage, and the re-installation of the letters and images, we drastically decreased expense and time.

We treated 13 signs with L-1 profiler color matching technology that makes the aluminum fit right in. While we were at it, we also added additional parking signs on posts in a different area of the mall’s lot. These feature a white background. The finished products carry all the legally required notices that ensure the safe use of the parking area and spell out appropriate warnings for anyone parking improperly in designated locations. Not only did we come in under time and budget, but the finished products also fit in perfectly with the rest of the setting.

Private parking lot signs for property management companies in Orange County

Unauthorized vehicles and towing directives are important to post!

What Can We Do at Your Location?

You do not have to be a property management specialist to appreciate the cost savings involved in refacing existing signage. When done right, this fantastic cost saver lets you allocate your signage budget for other projects you might not have considered before. Our technicians have plenty of experience with refurbishing existing signage.

Parking lot signs for retail centers in Orange County CA

Ready to order your parking lot signage?

  • Monument signs. The monument lets a business display its branding information for motorists to see. When it’s time to upgrade, re-brand, or otherwise redo these signs, you usually do not have to start from the ground up. We can repaint, redesign the facing, and install new style elements that make the product pop.
  • Box cabinets. Building signs using lightbox technology excel at letting you present any and all information you like. We routinely upgrade these products with new polycarbonate facings.
  • Pylons. Some of our clients’ favorite cost-saving signage tactics in Orange County, CA, involve the restoration of pylons. These signs are a must-have for malls and shopping centers. We can rebrand the setting or present the brand information of the various vendors – or both!

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