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Utility Trailer Graphics Announce the Arrival of the San Pedro High School Marching Band!

 Mar 06, 2019

Utility Trailer Graphics for Schools | San Pedro CA

A couple of years ago, we wrapped a trailer for the San Pedro High School marching band. It boosted the band’s name recognition and allowed the students to arrive in style at the various competition venues. Since then, the school’s marching band program has won several new awards and grew in size. Therefore, the administration invested in a larger trailer. We recently received the call to come and also supply these utility trailer graphics in San Pedro, CA.

Outfitting a Larger Trailer for the Marching Band with Updated Graphics

Utility Trailer Graphics | San Pedro CA

Promote your school band with utility trailer graphics!

Because we still had the specs on file, resizing the images and lettering was a snap. Of course, we had to update the championships sections of the graphics product because the marching band had won some additional awards since we last did a wrap for them. Just as with the smaller trailer, this one had plenty of rivets on the sides.

Our technicians are well-versed in the proper installation procedures for 3M cast vinyl, and these elements are no problems. The vinyl conforms over the rivets, and the use of a heat sealer gives the wrap a painted-on appearance. It only took us two days to put together the utility trailer graphics product, which delighted our client. Now, the band can get back on the road with the more spacious trailer and the latest accomplishments proudly displayed on the side.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Utility Trailer Graphics

School Utility Trailer Wraps | San Pedro CA

One look at the trailer before the graphics!

Custom trailer graphics for school bands in San Pedro CA

What a difference a graphics package makes!

You already know about the reputation-building that takes place when you use a branded trailer in your business. Similarly, it contributes to the name recognition that your company enjoys. However, there are other ways in which vehicle wraps and graphics are advantageous as well.

  • Seasonal messages. If the vehicle that tows it already has a wrap in place, consider using the trailer as a seasonal message board. Repeat several of the style elements that display your corporate persona. However, from there, consider adding special deals or annual sales that your company offers.
  • Menu board. Outline the various products or services you offer. Doing so on the sides of a trailer is an excellent method for augmenting the information a standard vehicle wrap provides. Similarly, rather than only repeating the message of the wrapped vehicle, this trailer wrap setup acts as an advertisement.
  • Brand differentiation expansion. Find new ways of standing out from the competition. You might do so by creating a graphics product that explains in depth about the services or products you provide that make you different from a competitor. When seen together, the tow vehicle and trailer work as a combined advertising message. Separately, the tow vehicle facilitates brand recognition while the trailer fosters brand awareness.

Place Your Order for a Utility Trailer Graphics Product Today

Cargo Trailer Graphics | San Pedro CA

Another view of the trailer before the graphics!

Vinyl Utility Trailer Graphics | San Pedro CA

Ready to show off your school band in vibrant color?

If we have wrapped a car, truck, van, or trailer for you in the past, we still have all the information on file. However, if you need assistance with a graphics product design from the ground up, entrust your details to our graphic artist. This specialist puts together a design that encapsulates your brand message. Contact us today to get started on this project!

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