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Tennis Court Fence Wraps for Schools in Orange County

 Feb 08, 2015

Once again, the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics had the honor to work with Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF). This time, we were asked to provide a customized windscreen for their tennis courts. This screen is an important part of the court that is occasionally overlooked. Not only do these customized vinyl fence banners cut down on the wind’s effects on the courts by breaking up the air gusts into more even flows, but it also helps players to focus on the game rather than on what might be going on just outside of the courts’ borders.

Vinyl wall wraps for tennis courts in Orange County

Show off school pride right on the court!

Tennis Court Fence Wraps!

At the same time, this barrier has a sound aesthetic and professional appeal that welcomes players, the audience and opposing teams. When it was time to upgrade the look of the tennis courts, CSUF contacted us to continue with our beautification of their athletic venues. We created two 120-foot sections to cover at total of 240 feet of fencing. The attractive dark blue that we used previously to wrap the wall to the gym’s concession stand and ticket window wall was our inspiration. Infused with the imagery of dark subliminal palm trees, the color nevertheless matches perfectly those dark blue windscreens that are not imprinted.

Tuffy, the elephant, is at the center of the print. Facing the inside of the courts, opposing teams will see the mascot in all of his angry glory as he roots for the CSUF players. At a height of nine feet, we printed 30-foot panel sections that are then lined up perfectly to present the windscreen as a whole. Visitors to the area are impressed with the look of the wrapped gym wall on the right and Cal State Fullerton’s tennis court vinyl fence wraps on the left. The coordinating designs are attractive, look professional and perfectly brand the school’s athletic programs.

Vinyl Fence Banners for tennis courts in Orange County

Add vinyl fence banners for that extra oomph!

The tennis court fence wraps Orange County schools like to commission must be durable and capture the spirit of the teams. This is not a time where a one-size-fits-all approach really works. After all, the wraps are to be aesthetically pleasing as well as inspiring for the young athletes. This is not necessarily something that can be achieved with a generic look. Adding the school’s mascot to the mix is a big deal. It uniquely identifies the court and makes it a bit like coming home whenever the players engage in a match.

Show Your School Spirit with Vinyl Fence Banners!

Do you need to add high school or university tennis court wall or fence wraps? Orange County school administrators and athletic directors know that our professionals are at the top of our game. We are serious about making schools look great and inspiring young athletes to give it their all. We appreciate the opportunity to serve the next generations of our future leaders and spur on the youngest players to achieve perhaps a professional athletic status after school.

Fence banners for school tennis courts in Orange County

Amazing detail with vibrant graphics!

What sets apart our philosophy is the importance we place on capturing the school’s spirit. We know that the athletics program is an extension of a much larger educational institution. At the same time, it is no less important and just as pride-inspiring as membership in one of the many on-campus academic clubs or artistic programs. Treating it with the respect it deserves is a crucial step to integrating its look seamlessly into the overall appearance of the school.

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