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Teaser Wall Graphics Announce Starbucks Coming Soon to Cal State Fullerton Student Union!

 Nov 02, 2016

Frequent readers of our blog know that we do quite a bit of work for Cal State Fullerton. In the past, we applied a wall wrap with subliminal images to the Titan concessions and tickets windows. Our technicians also wrapped the Titan Kiosk, which is a mobile concession unit. When we got a call this time around to do some work on the college campus, we were asked to put together teaser wall graphics in Orange County, CA.

Starbucks will Come to the Titan Student Union

Coming Soon Wall Murals and Graphics in Orange County CA

Starbucks announces new store at Cal State Fullerton!

The vendor intends to open in about three months at the Student Union. This welcome addition will become a new hot spot for students and guests. While some renovating and work is underway, a temporary wall went up to keep dust contained. Our graphic artists put together a wall wrap that spans 12 feet in height and 14 feet in width. A black background makes white lettering and a white cup outline with the iconic green logo pop. At the foot of the large graphic is the website for Campus Dining. Now, passersby know that there is something to look forward to!

Retail Barricade Graphics Advertise, Brand, and Maintain the Area’s Good Looks

Hide construction with barricade wall murals in Orange County

A great way to hide construction! Barrier wall murals!

Whether you want to announce your upcoming grand opening or intend to throw open your doors for business in about three to six months, adding graphics or wraps to any barricade is ideal. Mall management companies usually require the use of false walls to maintain the aesthetics of the corridors’ appearances. But there is no reason why you have to keep the typically white or off-white colors.

What information should you display on promotional wall graphics in Orange County, CA?

Coming Soon Teaser Wall Murals in Orange County CA

Like the look of these “teaser” wall graphics?

  • Company name and logo. Help consumers develop brand recognition by seeing your business’ logo and name close together.
  • Product or service information. There are two schools of thought. On the one hand, advertisers suggest maintaining a bit of mystique by only featuring a name and website. The idea is to encourage online engagement with your brand. On the other hand, marketers believe that the majority of shoppers will not spend the time doing research but instead appreciate the information. When you accommodate these customers, you get a head start on the development of brand awareness among your targeted demographic.
  • Contact information. A website address, phone number, and social media icon to signal your online availability are excellent ideas.

Ordering Teaser Wall Graphics for Your Business

Contact our graphic artists to put together an image package that gets the attention of passersby. Whether you are a new brand that is coming to the Southland for the first time, or you are expanding a business or franchise, it is never too early to get the attention of likely customers. Some business clients have had excellent success with progressive graphics installations. For example, they would start with one set of graphics; when the opening date gets closer, they add more graphics and additional information. Doing so builds a buzz that culminates in the grand opening announcement.

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