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Superior Signs and Graphics in Buena Park Wraps Their New Aerial Bucket Van

 Jul 08, 2016

Not too long ago, we discussed the importance of having our C-45 sign contractor license. Explaining that our professionals require this type of official recognition to install electrical as well as non-electrical signage in and around Orange and Los Angeles Counties was a major factor in our decision-making to do the work associated with the licensing. At that time, we mentioned that some of our clients are mall management companies and business owners (with tall pylon signs) who call us for tenant panel changes. In addition to the C-45 designation, another requirement for doing these jobs is a bucket van.

Superior Signs and Graphics Wraps New Bucket Van in Buena Park, CA

Exterior Sign Installation with Aerial Bucket Van in Buena Park CA

Exterior sign installation? No problem with our bucket van!

Van wraps in Buena Park CA

The bucket van matches our Ford van nicely!

After some searching, we found an ideal older GMC bucket van. A truck with an Ariel lift, it needed a bit of rehabbing. We installed shelving in the cargo area and added a solar component to recharge the lift’s cycle battery. The next thing we installed was a vehicle wrap. Loyal readers of our blog already know that our professionals are firm believers in the many advantages that wrapped vehicles bring to clients. Not surprisingly, we practice what we preach.

Since we already have a fully wrapped Ford van, we adapted the design for the GMC vehicle without completely copying the look. Since consumers do a double take when they see multiple wraps that offer slightly different appearances, we intend to capitalize on this behavior by showing off a similar but not identical graphics display. Now, when we arrive to install your company’s banners, dimensional letters, or acrylic graphic panels on lighted pylon signs, our bucket van advertises the business, displays our branding, and offers onlookers some information about our niche services.

There are not too Many Sign Companies with Bucket Vans in Buena Park, CA

Exterior sign installation and repairs in Orange County CA

We even put our logo on the aerial bucket!

The investment in the van was a decision sparked by our commitment to a full-service sign shop approach. When consulting with our clients, business owners mention how frustrated they get when other sign companies bring in subcontractors for the installations. An in-house approach ensures that there is no finger-pointing in the case of a problem but rather a “the buck stops here” attitude that results in quick action.

Because our new van offers us a 35-foot working height, we can mount your sales banners to second stories, install 3D dimensional letters with ease, and service the pole-mounted signs you need us to look at. Keeping this process in-house ensures superior customers service and quality control. An added benefit is a streamlined scheduling approach that lets you discuss your preferred day of the week and time with our experts during your design consultation. By making a note of your preference, we can plan to accommodate you from the start of the project.

Need Superior Sign Installation in Buena Park

Need “Superior” Sign Installation in Buena Park or Orange County?

It is not that often that we write about a product we design, manufacture, and install for our commercial use. That said, the addition of the wrap on our latest vehicle is a good time to explore the look and feel of the product if you are not yet sure that this type of signage solution is suitable for your work trucks. Come on by and take a close look at our vans. We would love to “talk shop” with you.

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Superior Signs and Graphics Has C-45 Sign Contractor's License

We now possess our C-45 Sign Contractor’s License!

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