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Superior Signs and Graphics in Buena Park Acquires the Latest HP Wide Format Print Technology for Unmatched Print Quality!

 Sep 09, 2021

Large and wide format printing is the gold standard for the production of marketing materials and brand-building signage. Colors pop, images are crisp, and your corporate palette displays to its fullest advantage – if you work with a sign shop that has invested in the latest HP wide-format print technology. Superior Signs and Graphics has made this commitment to our clients.

Introducing Our Brand New HP 700W Printer

Latest HP Wide Format Print Technology in Buena Park CA

This model sets the bar for state-of-the-art capabilities. It is our third HP printer, and we love the functions. For example, did you know that the 700W is the first HP roll-to-roll printer that uses white ink? White ink is one of the most complex hues to manage and present with good print quality.

HP700W inkwells in Buena Park, CA

Not surprisingly, most sign printers only have the standard CMYK inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key, which stands for black). The white hue is created by an absence of ink on a white substrate. However, there are countless shades of white, which can be an integral part of an ad or sign.

Therefore, HP has introduced its next generation of latex inks that take less heat to cure, have a wider color gamut, and print using white ink. With this new ability, our technicians can produce spectacular backlit images using a color-white-color print process.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Print Quality

HP700W touchscreen display in buena park, ca

This process puts down a layer of colored ink, then a layer of white, and another layer of color on top. The resulting product is a print that looks color correct whether the lights in the sign are on or off. This is possible because the white layer keeps the color from looking too rich when the lights are off.

Similarly, the extra layer of color keeps the sign from looking washed out when the lights come on, no matter how bright the LEDs might be. Another advantage of white ink is that we can inside-mount window graphics by reverse printing on clear vinyl. Without white ink, this is impossible to achieve.

Why the Investment in Top Technology Matters to Our Clients and Members of the Orange County and Los Angeles County Business Communities

Color white color backlit sign printing in buena park, ca

Window graphics mounted on the inside can be an excellent choice for clients who do business in areas with heavy graffiti and vandalism. You no longer have to invest in the anti-graffiti laminate and then spend your time cleaning up the window wrap or graphics products.

In addition to the standard CYMK inks, the 700W also has light magenta, light cyan, and an optimizer that boosts scratch resistance. Besides that, it adds an overcoat to help protect prints like banners even if they will not be laminated. As a result, your signage keeps looking great longer.

Check out the Results of Using the Latest HP Wide Format Print Technology

Superior Signs and Graphics invites you to visit our shop at 6061 Dale Street in Buena Park to see the machine first-hand. Take a look at what it can print. In addition, if you have some signs that need printing or replacing, this is the perfect time to put in your order. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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