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Stunning Graphics for Commercial Van Attract New Customers in Huntington Beach!

 Jul 06, 2020

Brandi Bryant is the owner of The Hounds Grounds, which is famous for its eight-week obedience course. Located at 6021 Warner Avenue, dog guardians and their humans benefit from drop-off socialization training, canine massage, and conditioning. When Brandi decided to boost awareness of its facility by joining the mobile marketing revolution, she contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to assist with eye-catching graphics for a commercial van in Huntington Beach CA!

Vehicle Graphics Transform the Look and Functionality of an Extended Length Passenger Van

Graphics for Commercial Van in Huntington Beach CA

The extended length van is the perfect canvas for the display of brand-centric graphics that draw the eye. Its yellow color is ideally suited for turning heads. Besides that, there are images of adorable dogs. The company’s name and logo take up a third of the advertisement’s space.

Van Wraps in Huntington Beach CA

Doing so is advantageous because it makes it a focal point that immediately attracts the attention of passersby. We used gray, white, and black tones to accentuate the yellow color of the van as well as the ornamental bordering, which we integrated to tie the visuals together.

If you look closely, you will notice that we went from standard vinyl to perforated plastic when treating the windows. This switch in materials allows people on the inside of the van to look out. It also encourages natural sunlight to enter the van.

Custom designed van wrap in Huntington Beach CA

The sides and back feature a menu of services as well as the contact information and website address. Now, it is easy for the business to attract attention to its facility while transporting dogs and their human caretakers to and from the venue. Brandi was stunned at the new look of the van and the excellent appearance it offers!

Commercial Wraps and Graphics Packages Allow for Multi-Use Functionality

Commercial Van Wraps in Huntington Beach CA

No business is too small or too big to benefit from the transforming qualities of a vehicle graphics package. Whether you choose to wrap one vehicle or treat an entire fleet, the addition of targeted graphics makes a significant difference in how the public perceives your business. For some, it may even be the deciding factor in contacting you versus the competition.

As a general rule of thumb, you have three options when thinking of having your car, truck, or van treated.

Dog Groomer Van Wraps in Huntington Beach CA

  • Full wrap. This product is at the top of the list when it comes to using every square inch of the vehicle as an advertising or branding surface. Your business benefits from this display because it lets you feature a full-sized vignette on the side of a car, truck, or van, which puts its size to good use.
  • Partial wrap. A partial wrap might cover three quarters, half, or one quarter of your vehicle. Our graphic artist will work with you on the design to integrate the base color of the vehicle for maximum style.
  • Graphics package. A graphics package combines images and lettering to feature your information. Many business clients have had excellent success with these combinations.

Great add-ons are perforated vinyl window covers. Take a page from the playbook of The Hounds Grounds, and use this technology to transition from graphics on the side of the vehicle to the glass panels of the windows.

Huntington Beach Commercial Van Wraps

If you need graphics for a commercial van in Huntington Beach CA, or anywhere else in Orange County, contact Superior Signs and Graphics by dialing (714) 248-5901 now!

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