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Sport Trailer Wraps in Orange County, CA Give Older Vehicles a Makeover!

 Sep 26, 2022

When we say that we can design, produce, and install vehicle wraps for anything with wheels, we are not kidding. Cases in point are our latest sport trailer wraps in Orange County, CA.

The RV Trailer Before Wrap Installation Had Sun-Damaged Factory-Installed Graphics

A friend referred this client to our sign shop. They loved their RV trailer that had all the amenities of home. However, they were a little embarrassed to take the RV to campgrounds. The sun-damaged factory original graphics did not represent the pristine interior of the trailer.

RV trailer before wrap

We discussed trailer wraps and graphics, and the client asked us to design and install a full wrap that would cover the marks from the old graphics once we removed them. Our graphic artist created a display that reminds us of the high-end sports trailers you currently see on the roads but is unique.

Installing a Custom Vinyl Wrap on the Trailer

It is fair to say that the level of difficulty installing a sport trailer wrap is similar to that of a box truck, complete with rivets. For the trailer, there were several cutouts we had to make. The rear door setup was put together using multiple panels to allow for the material’s rise and light installation. The finished result is a sports trailer that looks sharp and chic. Look closely; you would believe it rolled off the assembly line earlier this month.

Sport trailer wraps in orange county, ca

Why Do We Talk about This Sport Trailer Wrap in the OC?

If you are a returning reader of our blog or newsletter subscriber, you already know that we have wrapped cars, trucks, and vans for a broad range of businesses across Orange and Los Angeles counties. However, we wanted to shine the spotlight on this RV trailer because it is frequently what entrepreneurs in various trades start with.

wraps for trailers in orange county, ca

For some, a sport trailer holds the car parts and motorcycle seats they bring to swap meets. A small travel trailer becomes a mobile dog wash. For others, a mini Class A RV holds their jewelry business. As a result, plenty of small business owners might not have realized that wrapping the RVs they got for cheap is possible.

Best of all, you do not have to spend a mint for a wrap that makes the trailer look new and allows you to advertise your products or services concurrently. And, if the sports trailer is a little older and might have some marks from a former owner, we can design a full or partial wrap to cover up cosmetic damage.

vinyl graphics for trailers in orange county, ca

Let’s Talk about Sport Trailer Wraps in Orange County, CA

Whether you own a travel trailer or Class A RV that does not look that great on the outside, or you run a business out of a trailer, talk to our experts about sprucing up the vehicle’s exterior. We work with business owners, private parties, municipalities, schools, and churches. And, in addition to recreational vehicles, we also wrap cars, trucks, vans, boats, and more! Call us today!


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