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3M Commercial Vehicle Wraps Advertise Your Business in Orange County, CA!

 Aug 22, 2022

Remember when we said that we could wrap anything you can drive, drag, or tow to our shop? We proved it recently when wrapping a Mini Cooper! Look at the project that transformed this car into an eye-catching advertisement with commercial car wraps in Cypress, CA.

custom car wraps for advertising in cypress, ca

Cypress Spinal Decompression Therapy Advertises with 3M Car Wraps in Cypress

Dr. Gilbert Youdeem, D.C., meets with patients at 9922 Walker Street. A certified chiropractic sports physician, he offers non-surgical spinal decompression. Because the client wanted to get the information out to help patients considering surgery, he asked us to wrap their Mini Cooper.

Obviously, there is not a lot of space to work with. That did not stop us from creating a stunning, eye-catching, custom-designed car wrap. We took full advantage of all surfaces. In addition, we focused on attention getters such as gradient color changes.

  • Hood. The hood features the stylized image of the affected spinal section that responds to nonsurgical spinal decompression. We designed a wide black stripe that features the information, which allows us to use the same blue as there is on the rest of the vehicle. 
  • Sides. For the sides, we created black to blue gradient color changes, repeated the spinal imagery, and highlighted the treatment machine the clinic relies on. Contact information and exciting bits of information stand out. 
  • Trunk. We took advantage of the window portion by imprinting perforated vinyl that still allows the driver to see outside. It repeats the information that the sides offer but also includes the address. Notice how the yellow lettering on a blue or black background really stands out!

custom designed car wraps in cypress, ca

The finished product is eye-catching and succeeds in introducing the clinic to prospective patients who have not yet met with the doctor or were even aware of the treatments offered there.

Custom Car Wraps for Advertising in the OC are Everywhere!

Orange County’s business communities successfully allocate advertising dollars to vehicle wraps and graphics. They have realized that installing creatively-designed wraps dramatically increases the reach of their brands and ads. Similarly, much of the competition is doing it, which makes it challenging to stand out on the roads and in the neighborhoods with only a blank vehicle. 

commercial car wraps in cypress, ca

Because we know that one size does not fit all, we recommend fully customizing the wrap product. It allows you to underscore the aspects of your product or service you want people to know about. Also, it will enable you to differentiate your company from others offering similar products or services. 

3M car wraps in cypress, ca

Looking to Buy Commercial Car Wraps in Cypress, CA? Superior Signs and Graphics Makes It Possible!

Do not underestimate the power of vehicle wraps in Orange County! While it certainly works great to boost the visibility of your business with a wrapped box truck, you do not have to go big if you can go creative. Our graphic artist routinely works with clients who have smaller vehicles and similar conveyances to make every square inch count. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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