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Social Distancing Floor Decals and Health Screening Banners Prepare Nestle Waters’ Los Angeles Campus for Visitors!

 May 06, 2020

Social Distancing Floor Decals and Health Screening Banners in Los Angeles

Nestle Waters is a returning client. In the past, we designed, fabricated, and installed Lean Six Sigma signs for the company’s Orange County operation. When the management team contacted our sign shop this time, it needed social distancing floor decals and health screening banners in L.A.

Nestle Prepares for Post-COVID-19 Business Interactions

As the state readies to ease restrictions and begin the gradual reopening of its business communities, Nestle is preparing its facilities as well. To implement the current safety regulations, the company has developed a protocol that requires all visitors to the Los Angeles manufacturing facility to go through a health screening.

Health Screening Center Banners in Los Angeles

This process involves the completion of a questionnaire and a temperature check. Visitors with temperatures above 100.7 degrees will be denied entry. Regular Nestle drivers and other repeat visitors do not have to complete the mandated health check each time.

Health Screening Fence Banners in Los Angeles

To explain the company policy to customers and others, the firm’s management team asked us to create signage that would be easily visible and brand-centric. Our technicians designed and fabricated six banners that we mounted on the portable building where the health checks take place.

Banners Announce health Screening Requirements Before Entry in LA

They feature Nestle’s name and logo along with its brand colors. Next, it explains the process of the check and names those businesses that are exempt from the requirement. We also mounted these signs on the gates at both entrances.

Floor Decals for Social Distancing in Los Angeles

Next, we designed Arrowhead and Nestle Pure Life branded floor decals that support the social distancing rules, which are currently in effect. It helps visitors to the location wait for their turns at appropriate spots in line. Because of the mounting locations, we selected rough surface cast vinyl that we treated with a protective laminate.

Social Distancing Floor Graphics in LA

At the same time, the laminate promotes safety through its UL-listed texturing. Doing so is instrumental when applying the decals to smooth floors or areas where they may get wet. Now, when visitors approach the company’s L.A. campus, they understand the new rules of doing business and have the assistance they need to follow them.

Does Your Firm Need Social Distancing Floor Decals and Health Screening Banners in Los Angeles, CA?

Custom Floor Graphics for Social Distancing in Orange County CA

Which steps are you taking to get your company ready for a reopening? If you have been open throughout the pandemic, are you prepared to handle larger than usual customer crowds? With stay-at-home orders likely expiring soon, it is time to think through the ways that you communicate the new rules to consumers.

Health Screening Banners in Orange County CA

For some, these requirements will change the ways that they interact with your company. Therefore, it is essential that there is signage in place to make the process quick, simple, and comfortable for everyone. Superior Signs and Graphics is at the forefront of assisting businesses with any changes they are making through the design, fabrication, and installation of targeted signage.

Our team can put together a brand-centric signage suite consisting of banners and floor decals that explain the new normal. We also specialize in the customization of café barriers and A-frames to facilitate social distancing. Contact us today to discuss your signage needs!

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