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Huge Custom Acrylic Wall Logo Complements Treatment Room Décor in Orange County, CA!

 Jun 29, 2020

A few days ago, we talked about the elegant lobby logo sign we did for Newport’s Evolus offices. Our technicians began the project with clear acrylic that we then painted in the client’s custom colors. However, this would not be the end of the project. This time, we continued assisting the client in their brand-building mission with a custom acrylic wall logo in Orange County CA.

Chic Treatment Room Space Receives an Elegant Logo Display

custom acrylic wall logo in Orange County CA

The treatment room wall logo…

The client envisioned the treatment room as a showpiece. It helps prospective patients feel comfortable and at ease with the company. To assist with brand-building among the business’ customer base, the client opted for the logo’s repetition.

Acrylic Lobby Logo Sign in Orange County CA

…matches their lobby logo sign!

We complied with the design, fabrication, and installation of a second logo sign. Because the room is right across from the reception desk, where we mounted the lobby sign, it is easily visible. It now repeats the butterfly portion of the logo. Our team put together a sign that is over 60 inches wide.

For this product, we used half-inch-thick acrylic that our technicians painted white. Due to the sign’s size, we put it together from two pieces with a hidden seam. Next, our installers mounted the style elements to the ridged wall that extends to the ceiling as well. Now, the logo portion looks fantastic and makes an excellent impression on visitors to the office.

Secondary Lobby Signs in Other Areas? Yes!

Large Acrylic Wall Logo Signs in Orange County CA

More and more companies are now taking advantage of large wall spaces to repeat displays of their corporate personas. Favorite locations include training rooms, conference rooms, and treatment spaces in medical offices. However, these signs typically show some differentiation from the actual lobby sign the businesses commission for the reception area spaces.

  • Logo symbol only. Take a page from the playbook of Evolus, and choose to feature your corporate symbol alone. It is an excellent tool for helping your targeted consumer group develop brand awareness.
  • Lettering only. For the company that wants to focus on developing an increased name recognition in its niche, you cannot go wrong with the repetition of your business name. We recommend adding any taglines that you have, which further assists with turning your name into a household name.
  • Sizing. Depending on the wall space you have, consider going bigger with the logo or smaller with the combined presentation of the name and symbol. Remember, the secondary logo sign should not overshadow the lobby marker.
  • Material use. Some companies have had excellent success with using different materials that highlight a specific aspect of the corporate brand. No matter the materials you selected for the lobby sign itself, consider working with our graphic artist to explore additional options. Popular choices include plastic, PVC, acrylic, metal, and sign foam.

Get a New Custom Acrylic Wall Logo in Orange County, CA

Office Wall 3D Logos in Orange County CA

How could your company benefit from the display of another logo presentation? Have you been thinking of dressing up the training room to boost brand awareness among newly hired associates? Maybe you need something for the conference room that is typically also your backdrop for teleconferences.

Our sign shop can help. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation with our expert!

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