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Custom Lobby Logo Signs for Offices in Orange County, CA!

 Mar 18, 2019

3D Logo Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

Located inside a well-appointed office, Hoyt Integrative Health is a medical group that specializes in customized care approaches for patients’ unique needs. When this medical office needed a custom lobby logo sign, it received a referral to our sign shop.

PVC Lobby Sign Impresses Visitors and Guides the In-Office Brand Presentation

We consulted with the client to discuss the design options. The management team selected half-inch-thick PVC as the material for its sign. Our technicians cut the lettering out of the material and painted the style elements in a matte black to contrast well from the cream-colored wall backdrop.

Installation Options for Superior Signs and Graphics Signs

3D Lobby Logo Wall Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

3D Letters “jump” off the wall of your lobby!

Initially, the client decided to self-install the sign. We gladly accommodate our clients’ plans and supply a paper install template. This product guides the individual mounting the sign where to drill the holes and how to support heavier elements. Because we routinely provide signs to out-of-state business owners, we have developed detailed installation instructions for all types of products.

However, after reviewing the plans, the client chose to have our installers come out instead. Because we serve business communities in and around Orange and L.A. County, and sometimes outside of the area, traveling to the office was no problem. The team installed the sign when it was convenient for the client. By the way, when our installers are on the job, you know that the product is installed the right way the first time around. Since they are licensed contractors, they are aware of all electrical and zoning requirements.

Customization is an Essential Aspect of Sign-Making

Custom Dimensional Letter Logo Lobby Signs | Orange County CA

Custom dimensional lettering helps to brand your business!

At our shop, we believe that customization is the key to your sign-buying experience. It starts with the design process of the product. Because it encapsulates your brand message, it must be unique to your font, dimensions, and color palette. Similarly, the material selection has to echo the brand identity you want to portray.

This is the reason why many service providers opt for metal while physicians frequently select PVC or acrylic. Most importantly, our experts gladly help you decide on the right focal wall for the display. Although almost all business owners opt for installing a lobby sign right behind the reception desk, you might also go with a different option. Some medical offices have had excellent success with mounting their products on the wall facing the waiting area.

Because each project begins with a design consultation, you always know what your finished product will look like before you approve.

Customization is also a big deal when it comes to the installation process itself. Many clients favor a flush mount. Others opt for standoffs. That said, we could also get more creative if you prefer. For example, airplane cables add plenty of chic to a space and create a look that is sufficiently unusual to draw the attention of customers. Similarly, a middle-of-the-room installation is another great option. Some customers have even installed lobby signage as part of a water wall.

Learn more about your options for custom lobby logo signs in L.A. and Orange County today by contacting our sign shop now.

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