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Renfro Chiropractic Shows Off New Illuminated Pylon Sign in Fullerton

 Feb 02, 2014
Illuminated Pylon Signs Fullerton CA

Illuminated Pylon Signs Great for Day and Night Viewing!

Renfro Chiropractic is a fixture in California’s Fullerton. This chiropractor’s office is the go-to location for local athletes, chronic pain patients and anyone in need of a therapeutic massage for enhanced wellbeing. When Dr. Renfro started to look into retirement, Dr. Hoops, who had been working with him for a while, decided to take over the practice. Of course, this change in ownership did call for a change in signage.

This is when Dr. Hoops contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. We visited Renfro Chiropractic and evaluated the pylon style illuminated sign currently on the premises. In excellent condition, there really was no reason to install a new marker. Instead, we used translucent vinyl and new acrylic faces to change the look of the sign. The signage now refers to Renfro-Hoops Chiropractic, which adequately signals the change of ownership but at the same time assures existing patients that they have come to the right place.

Illuminated pylon signs for Fullerton, CA, are a common sight. The area is famous for attracting retailers and service providers, and the sunny Southern California weather is ideal for shopping year-round. When it gets cloudy or dark, the illumination ensures that consumers find the businesses that they are looking for. Of course, our friendly graphic artists do more than just update existing signs to tie in a new brand. Dr. Hoops, who is an avid hunter, was so impressed with our work that he asked if it was possible to apply a vinyl wrap to some furnishings.

Camouflage counter top vinyl wraps

New Camouflage Counter Top Wraps!

Vinyl Wrapping Counter Tops and Refrigerators!

Counter top vinyl wraps are a common task for those in the signage industry, and we were happy to oblige. Dr. Hoops already had his pattern picked out: camouflage! Yearning for something at work that would remind him of his favorite hobby, the doctor visited our design office to choose the perfect camouflage pattern. We had plenty to show him, and he found the one that really spoke to him. In fact, he liked it so much that we used it on two large counters that will become his new desk. Asking us if we also did refrigerator vinyl wraps, we again complied. Dr. Hoops’ office is now a hunter’s paradise.

While the use of vinyl wraps may seems a bit whimsical in this situation, consider how easy it is to use something as simple as this material to make a bold statement in your office space. This is particularly true if you are taking offer a space from someone and are looking to make it your own.

  • Durable. Easy to clean with little more than a bit of soapy water, the wraps are hardwearing for interior and exterior applications.
  • Long lasting. Expect to get quite a few years of use out of a wrap. Whether you wrap a countertop, appliances or anything else inside of your storefront, the vinyl ensures that you do not have to redo your decor for quite a while.
  • Ideal for branding. If you are looking for a great design element, the wrap certainly shines. Yet you can also use the wrap for branding purposes. Use logo colors, incorporate graphics elements that you have in the office and do not neglect to use your motto.
Camouflage vinyl refrigerator wraps

The Fridge and its Camouflage Vinyl Wrap!

Want to add signage that will get noticed for your Fullerton CA business like Renfro Chiropractic? Or, perhaps you’re looking for refrigerator ro vinyl counter top wraps? Contact us today for a free quote!

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