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Exterior Foam Letter Signs Pop in Anaheim CA

 Jul 12, 2015

Exterior foam letter building signs for Anaheim, CA, commercial venues combine the versatility of the material with the budget-friendly nature of the finished product. For the company that likes to present its name and logo in the most professional manner possible, foam is a material that truly delivers. Do not let the name fool you! Outdoor-rated foam is a tough-as-nails product that rivals many others in durability.

How Foam Lettering Makes Facades Pop

Exterior Foam Letter Building Signs Anaheim CA

Foam letters with acrylic facing!

Case in point is the Department of Rehabilitation. This government building features an attractive newer façade. When it came time to ensure that the department’s clients and service providers could easily find the location with the help of signage, CIP Real Estate, a former client of ours, recommended us to the organization. After meeting with the officials in charge of handling the sign setup, we designed and manufactured dimensional letters that stand out.

They are one inch thick and 13 inches tall. Made from foam, they display acrylic laminate facings. After router cutting them from a two-pound sign foam block and painting them black with Matthews paint, these letters were ready for their facings and installation. We did a similar project for Tradesmen International, which is a construction staffing business in the state. Their management team, too, liked the idea of using acrylic facings, which greatly enhance the sleek look of the lettering.

Foam Letter Building Signs Anaheim CA

Easy to install and maintain!

Why Choose Letters?

You do have other exterior signage alternatives. Examples include channel letters and light box cabinets. Both signage products come in lit and unlit versions. While there are some settings where these signage products are ideal, there are other settings that need dimensional letters to truly pop. When you look at the façade of the aforementioned Department of Rehabilitation building, it is clear that the dark 3D letters stand out and grab the eye in a way that other products simply cannot do.

Not Just for the Exterior

Building Sign Foam Letters Anaheim CA

You can even incorporate your logo!

Did you know that we also have sign foam for the interior? More and more business owners are commissioning dimensional letters for their lobby signs. When you have already chosen a 3D letter look for the exterior of the building, doing so as well on the interior makes an excellent first impression. It continues the branding message seamlessly from the exterior to the interior. Once again, we can keep the foam bare with just a paint application or add acrylic laminates for a sleek look.

Dressing up the Material

For interior or exterior applications, paint and laminates are just the beginning. When your website displays a logo that features an intricate color choice with changing hue intensities, we usually recommend the use of a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay for accuracy. This step transforms your exterior foam letter building signs for Anaheim, CA, venues into exact replicas of the logo and name displays you have chosen for your website.

Exterior Building Signs Anaheim CA

Ask us about foam letter building signs!

Contact Superior Signs and Graphics today to learn more about the advantages that signage foam offers your company. There is little doubt that this is the budget-friendly material to select when you want to go for the wow factor.

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