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Popular Uses for Frosted and Etched Vinyl Window Graphics in Orange County

 Dec 08, 2015

Located at 23126 Arroyo Vista Avenue, Conductive Cable is in the business of signal transmission products for a broad range of industries. Being a thought leader in its niche, this company needed a façade and interior that underscored its commitment to high-tech excellence and customer satisfaction. When the company’s management team contacted our graphic artists, it envisioned the installation of etched vinyl window graphics. For Orange County, CA, tech businesses, the use of this product serves multiple purposes.

The Many Uses of Etched Vinyl Window Graphics

Etched vinyl window graphics for businesses in Orange County

Great for businesses with large windows!

For starters, the vinyl product dresses up windowpanes and gives them a sophisticated appearance. Although the glass looks as though it had been treated at the factory at a substantial cost, the vinyl product is actually budget-friendly and virtually impossible to differentiate from the real thing. It is also as functional as it is attractive. When one of our clients reported that visitors to the location tended to run into the glass fronts of the offices, the vinyl products assisted with making the panes just a bit more visible for customers.

Frosted window graphics for offices in Orange County CA

Frosted vinyl offers privacy!

Within an office setting, the use of etched vinyl creates a spatial definition that enhances the optics of the space. When privacy is a need, frosted vinyl sheets obscure the ability to look inside a conference room. This product is of particular interest in a setting where an office faces equipment such as a copier or other machinery where a constant flow of foot traffic can lead to distractions and interruptions. With the view into the room obstructed, productivity is certain to pick up.

By the way, this type of product is also instrumental in making clients or patients more comfortable in a glass-enclosed medical office setting. We have worked with health care providers and financial services professionals to add stripes of frosted vinyl, which still allow the light to provide the feel of an open space but offer a modicum of privacy.

Turning a Glass Pane Setup into a Work of Art

Frosted vinyl window graphics Orange County CA

Professional appeal!

Conductive created an appealing entryway by flanking its door with glass panes, which then received a customized dark tint. The management team liked the look of the frosted vinyl on the interior so much that it asked us to not only treat the front door with a stripe but also extend it the full 10 feet to the right and left, which includes the entire bank of windows.

The contrast between the light vinyl and the darkly tinted glass is remarkable. With the reverse cut logo displaying on the door, the window stripes and the door setup create an eye-catching front that not only makes wayfinding easier for clients but also enhances the overall appeal of the façade. At the same time, the combination of etched and frosted manufacturing techniques brings increased customization to the project.

Etched vinyl window graphics Orange County CA

Brand building!

The results are clear. The installation of etched and frosted vinyl window graphics in Orange County, CA, office buildings and retail spaces enhances functionality and looks. When you are ready to see what this type of technology could do for your space, contact our specialists for more information.

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